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Australia gets Boulevard C109RT well almost

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by rhynoceros, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Looks to me like they both have floorboards & footpegs? I wouldn't be surprised if the other stuff was offered as an optional extra, more $$$.

    Does the OS version include saddlebags & backrest as standard?
  2. Yeah, OS version includes windshield , leather saddlebags, passenger backrest and rack.
  3. C109RT

    Yeah, what an absolute bloody joke, the T stands for touring.
    The yanks get the windshield & sissy bar & saddle bags the stuff you need on a touring cruiser, what does Suzuki Australia give us, white wall tyres & floor boards for pillion & studded seat...... yeah right..... If your going to bring in a RT bring in the same as whats in America... WHY WOULDN'T YOU
  4. Suzuki is probably just lowballing us, theyre no doubt optional extras, along with brakes and the front wheel probably.
  5. OK, I'm getting really confused about Suzuki's Cruiser range here in Australia. I was just in at PS on Elizabeth St this morning and noticed they had a blue 2009 C50 on the floor. Err... what? From what I've been able to see from all the Suzuki sites out there the C50 isn't released in blue in the 2009 model. Am I seeing an advanced release of the 2010 model colour here on an '09 plated bike?

    On a related topic I noticed on the Australian site that we're celebrating 100 years of Suzuki with "Great Deals" from 19th June 09.
    So what are these great deals? Not a skerrick of advertising at PS to be found and despite talking to a sales rep no info was volunteered. So are we talking free ORC, $1K off the price, bonus accessories or just a cheap key ring? Anyone out there have any ideas?
  6. The only advertising I've seen in print is for accessories thrown in with the big bores - GSX14 and Bandits, or the LAMS GS650 types. TV ads during the ASBK show last week said full range of road bikes, but no details.

    Either way, find another Suzuki dealer.
  7. C50 did come in blue along with the M50 in crap orange black.
    noticed the cheap attempt of a C109RT just after my mate bought a C109R and wants the bags etc. Suzuki have done such a half assed job of this as the promo picture does not show the white walls that it comes with!
  8. Zook have made a habit of releasing a 'special' version, and then asking you to add the accessories to make it into the 'special' version.

    These days they probably make more from the accesories than the bike!.

    We had a meeting of over 40 M109's, and they wouldnt even give away a free cap for a prize.
    The owners spent almost a million dollars with them, and they didnt want to know.

    Their marketing is NOT making people loyal to the brand, thats for sure.
  9. I actually seen a brand new C109RT at my dealer while I was getting my 250LC. It had everything. Floor boards, windscreen, bags, sisibar etc. Only thing that differed to the second picture is that it's white and don't have the crome tank (which looks sic imo).

    So yeah, don't think we have much to stress about.