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Australia Day Shinanigans

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FALCON-LORD, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. So what did every one get up to on there long weekend???
    For me it was sailing in the Scandia Weekend Race from Melbourne to Geelong.
    450 odd Boats making it the Biggest regata in teh southern hemisphere.
    Prety much the race was Fire the Spinika at the start line and fly it all teh way to the finish line. but on the way into corio bay it gets a bit tight. the chanel would be about 40 meters accross, so boats get packed in prety tight
    Note the narrow chanel cut through the rock, you seriosly don't want to stray outside teh chanel (One boat did) And there was one interesting collision I was witness to, where a catamaran had a boat pressed up against each side of it, then an other boat rounded up accross it's bow and copped three boats into the rail (Oh and insurance doesn't cover for racing incidents)

  2. Cricket in the park.
    BBQ on the balcony.
    Beer everywhere.
    Fireworks from the roof.

    'Twas an excellent day!
  3. Busted by the cops having a p!ss, isn't that legal on Australia Day?? They let me off though after a slight grilling.
  4. Yeah, but who on?!
  5. Spent 3 days at Lake Eildon..
    boating, drinking, swimming, drinking, waterskiiing, drinking, jetskiing, drinking, socialising... had a Ball !!!

    :grin: did I say drinking? :p
  6. there is water in eildon?
  7. I worked. :(

    But was all good. Had an early night and got up early sunday and treated myself to a nice ride through the spur and reefton.

    Was nice not having a hangover on a sunday for a change.
  8. Currently around 22% which is plenty. ( south section of the lake )
    Jews Creek :wink:


    The Northern end however (Bonnie Doon) is dry
  9. Recovering from the Sydney BDO and getting the bus back to Canberra.
  10. Now i would of thought, as you’re a member there you would have picked up that he was never there, so how could he also be a member?
  11. nah im not allowed to join cos im not a cop.
  12. Es, we would hate it if you were one of them