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Australia Day Ride To Mt Panorama

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Jan 27, 2010.

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    What better way to celebrate Australia day, than to go a few laps around Mount Panorama, Bathurst.

    The gang - (Grange, OzYoda, OneStar & Tweetster) met at Macca's The 'Riff in the morning and commenced the ride onto the M4 and then up the mountains via the Great Western Hwy. It's always a nice ride up the Blue Mountains and this day was no different. (pretty cool weather at the top). The lack of normal traffic volumes made the trip all the more enjoyable and we progressed down Mount Victoria and onto Lithgow for a refreshing cool drink (it was darn hot once over the mouintains).

    Refreshed, we set off for Bathurst.

    On arrival at Mount Panorama, it’s hard not to be impressed by the scene. Without the crowds and a race event, it was stragely quiet, but exciting too. Amazingly, the public can ride or drive around the entire race course (at no cost!)…. so laps around the course we did!! There were plenty of photo opportunities to make potential race hero's (and heroess's) dreams of victory come true!! .... :p Can''t even begin to imagine what it must be like to ride or drive at competition speeds around some of those bends and drops.

    We also visited the onsite Museum (entry fee is $9, but well worth it). A small theaterette showed a film of the history of Mount Panorama through the ages up to present day (very interesting) and the museum itself is a tribute to the cars & motorbikes and the people who drove & rode them. A fascinating collection of all things "Mount Panorama".

    Right!.. Must be lunch time by now .... :grin: By chance we.. (ok, Grange found!) the Oxford Tavern, which turned out to be a most enjoyable place to relax & eat good food, in very pleasant surroundings at a very reasonable price. Doesn’t time fly when you are chatting, eating and drinking in good company?

    Ok, saddle up and re-fuel for the long haul - back to Lithgow and pick up the Bell's Liner to Windsor. What a good ride :) .. The views were fab, plenty of twists, turns & hills & even scary moments!! (The Hilux which cut off 2 of us as we decended Bellbird Hill). Special note to the female who overtook us at speed (we think riding a 125) also down Bellbird Hill, you go gurl!!.

    Oh!!.. Is that Windsor!!.. :grin: 4 very hot & sweaty (Eeuuuwwwww!) riders happily flomp into comfy chairs, gulp cold drinks and continue to chat away :blah:

    A lovely way to spend Australia day.

    Special thanks to Grange for arranging and to both OzYoda and Grange for taking care of the 2 much less experienced riders =D>

    Link to video of circuit loop using the $25 camera people have been buying: [media=youtube]rBh-nMq7vqg[/media]

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  2. Couple more pics

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  3. excellent!!!!!

    and whats the $25 camera you speak of?
  4. Very nice indeed! It's a good thing I didn't join you, I'd be freaking out doing laps on my cruiser. Scraping the pegs at every corner ](*,)](*,).
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  6. Great report and pictures, thanks. Yes, a visit to "The Mountain" is something that every motorcyclist should do, and a visit to the NMRM likewise. Tell me, was the Gregg Hansford exhibit still running or have they moved it on now?

    Members need to be aware, BTW, that there is a 60km/h speed limit all the way around the circuit and that it is policed viciously, so, if you're planning on riding it, enjoy, but don't be silly.

    I've visited several times recently, and it's always a thrill. It brings back wonderful memories of the "Greats" that I saw race there when I first started getting keen on bike racing in the mid-70's and also of the very last bike race meeting there in 2000 (heck, that was 10 years ago) where I was privileged to be asked to head the commentary team. Watching Kevin Curtin blast the R1 around the mountain was sure a thrill.


  7. ..Pussy!!.... :D

    .. no excuses next time!!... :p
  8. I don't recall seeing it - maybe one of the guys can correct me (if I somehow missed it!! 8-[)
  9. i just ordered one of those camera's off of ebay... 37.98 for a 4Gig card camera and includes shipping and insurance... now i can't wait till it gets here!!! :D


    i also want o ride the Mount now too.!!.. people have asked me where my next ride will be since i've been back from Tassie for like a week... im thinking "are you nuts!!" i've just gotten back off one tour why in the hell would i even be thinking of where to next.... ?

    well... i think i have an answer for those people now ;)

    i've had in the back of my mind of doing some touring through NSW to the old mining towns etc so im sure i could make a package of it :)
  10. There was still a Greg Hansford display, still the same one that I saw about 5 years ago, from memory....
  11. It's been there since mid-2006, I think. But they did say that it wasn't going to be a permanent feature. Maybe it has been so popular they decided to keep it. Hope so.
  12. Twas a great day, though we could have used a bit of cool on the way down from Bathurst to Windsor for sure!

    I can sorta understand the 60 limit but its a shame its two way traffic around the circuit. Oh and I think I'm gonna have to get bigger flags for next year .. you can hardly see em there.

    Scott, we're gonna have to clamp your head in place next time to keep the camera steady :LOL: Nah, its a good vid mate.
  13. For a newbie like me that was quite a journey for one day (I am the chubby one on the VTR). I found the wind resistance and maintaining a decent speed on the open roads quite a challenge for extended periods (2 1/2 hours from Bathurst to Windsor). So lucky that there was so little traffic encountered - fewer cars to p**s off due to me doing under the speed limit!

    It was pretty cool doing the laps of Mt Panorama and fantastic to have that video as a reminder of all the twists and turns. Can't imagine trying to attack the circuit at speed though. My thanks go to Grange and OzYoda for watching out for me and to Tweetster for company and comparing newbie notes.
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  15. last time I went to hill end it was a long dirt road. also, please tell me taht you went via oberon and didnt sit on the highway all the way to bathurst?
  16. We went via the highway. With two riders that have not done a longer trip before, the 400 - 500 kms covered in the one day was enough for them without going via any other destinations.