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australia day eve - party hard!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by es, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. and interested in rides or partying? im on hols untill the 22nd.
    we are gothing it up at tatou on australia day eve if anyone is interested in joining us shoot me a pm :)

  2. I'm not on holidays but I pretty much work when I want, Mon/Thurs/Fri are best for me, where do you want to go? I've been looking forward to a GOR ride soon?
    Also going to PI on Friday just for a look while the track day is running if you're interested?
  3. atm im more in a mood for weekday drinking ;) my bike needs work on the suspension so riding is a bit crappy right now. ill probably hit the roads on thursday though?
  4. If you're willing to come to Ballarat I'll go out drinking with ya anytime you want. Ask nicely and I might even be willing to make the trip to Melbourne :).
  5. pfft you suck biach.... i need you to sign something for mats xmas pressie tho, let me know when you are up this way...might b3 having a g33k night soon tho.
  6. Did you get your bike back? Or get another one if you can go riding :?: :?:
  7. You got him a life-size picture of me? :LOL:. I'll let you know if I'm going to be down that way again - actually spent New Years about 3kms from your place but that's a bit late now ;).
  8. Ill be at Flannagans in Frankston tommorrow night if you are keen for a drink es! Thats if your game haha, just dont forget your moccasins! :LOL:
  9. Is that one of the corner clubs opposite the pokies?
  10. Any updates from that phone call yet?
  11. Dunno mate, never been there before.....
  12. There is hope for you after all, that’s the smartest thing ive ever see you post!!!! :cool:
    Drink a few for me…as for the 1st time in close to 10 years I am already back at work….
    :oops: :cry:
  13. Ok. CustomKris.

    You can be assured of easy girls there thats for sure. :LOL:
  14. Hmmm im on Hols... :grin:
  15. I'm on holidays! :grin: But no in Melb. :( And I don't have my bike with me. :cry: Tomorrow I face Bright to Omeo in a VS Commordore, then Friday I'll do Omeo to Lakes in the same POS matteress on wheels. :( fcuk, I miss my bike already. :mad:

    But I'll be back before you know it, relaxed, ready to cut loose and do something stupid to entertain you. :grin:
  16. When and where are we riding? Care for a spin out to PI on Friday? I'm certain there is a scenic route :wink:
  17. Are you crazy.. its going to be cooking on friday.. I am hoping to arrange something for next tuesday if your interested... last day of hols.. :cry:
  18. well a netrider called me a couple of weeks ago saying she was pretty sure she saw my bike in a friends garage and if it wasnt my bike it was def a stolen bike.... but she wouldnt give me any more details :roll:
    not really, pollice got back to me about it but we will see i guess? its kinda annoying to call me to say shes seen it but that she doesnt want to tell me anything :roll:

    in regards to partying!!!! group of us are heading to bubble on the 13th.
    i might be going to syd next week for a couple of days... (but will be home by friday) ... got a few rough plans to hit the bars too (all sorts of dif scenes) so anyone up for it just let me know :)
  19. xxx,
    why would you SMS Es & say you saw her bike in someones garage who
    knows Es, describe the bike but refuse to say whos got it. :roll:

    You may as well not have said anything to her at all instead of getting her
    hopes up.

    I dont think thats very nice of you. Put yourself in Eswens position. How
    would you like it if someone pinched your beloved bike and someone you
    knew told you they saw it but wont tell you anything else.

    You want to protect your friend whos a f*cken dog? What does that make

    Thats pretty low xxx.

    & if you got an ounce of decency in ya, you will do the right thing. Let her or
    Crimestoppers know; Why dont you get the maggot to drop off the bike
    somewhere & let someone know where to get it? Thats the least you could
    do. & I know it was you that sent the SMS & you who Es rang.

    You remember Es saying "I have to go now. I have visitors here" when she
    knew you were wasting her f*ckin time?


    Well I was one of those visitors; & I heard her say your name and now I
    read this xxx is a netrider which now pisses me off to no end. :mad:

    Es, if that SMS says what I think it says, show it to the Police. I'm sure one
    can get charged if they know an indictable offence has taken place & does
    nothing about it.

    *rant over with*