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Australia’s population explosion disaster continues

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. The latest ABS Australian Demographic Statistics for September 2011 continue to show a whopping increase in Australia’s population. During the 12 months to September 2011 the population increased by a staggering three hundred and nineteen thousand six hundred (319,600) people.

    We will be asked to continue to pay more for just about everything and cut back on the use of just about everything so that it can be shared around. All at the expense of our standard of living.

    So much for a sustainable Australia. Julia has done it to us again.


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  2. as usual sir talk a lot has read some figures and done an muarc on the result.
  3. Have condoms gone up or down in price?
  4. 875 people a day throughout Australia... doesn't sound like a huge deal.
  5. Fuck, the sky is falling...........
  6. I only have one question..

    How is this julias fault? shes not the one who popped out 300 thousand children.
    (Note: i don't care for julia.. and i don't have to vote in this country)

    but i just want to know how you came to the conclusion that its her fault, and how is Australia not sustainable? the population is going to increase every year.. its inevitable obviously..
    I would like to hear your theory please.
  7. Mikey, just ask what paper he reads and there is your answer.

    AT work everyone reads the Herald Sun and the amount of Miss-information they bleed is astounding.

    Today i was told no joke that the carbon tax has already started, and you need to pay rego on bicycles now. Both were 'F-ing' Julias' fault, somehow.

    How do people that read the news every single day end up so miss-informed? Persuasive and Suggestive journalism is how, makes me Ill.

    Rant over.
  8. Because they don't really bother to look into their sources of information.

    Because we all (you, me, every single one of us) prefer to seek out information that reaffirms instead of challenges the beliefs we hold.
  9. It's not just Sir Ride aLot. A number of prominent people seem to share this view. Dick Smith is one. Bob Brown and the greens are another. (Ok, a lot of nothers - you get the drift.) These are not people I'd normally expect to be on the same side of an issue.

    I'm not convinced. I can see many other potential catastrophes down the road. Wild population growth in Australia seems pretty low on the list to me. Wild population growth in some of the countries around Australia worries me a bit more. A far more worrying possibility (to me) seems be a combination of increasing world population, loss of arable land, and changing climate, and possibly other one off things, leading to an inability to feed a significant part of the world's population. I'm not thinking about a decade or two, I'm thinking about a century or two.
  10. If you want to worry about exploding populations, turn your gaze to the various SE Asian nations with stratospheric populations and chokingly high densities- who in a future without say, an American superpower, or convenient water, food, or oil supplies, might be well inclined to look upon the comparatively uninhabited Australian continent with an oppurtunistic eye.

    Seriously, 23 million is but a fart in the wind compared to the rest of the world. (especially considering our population density- or rather lack thereof)
  11. Personally I totally disagree with restricting population at this point in our history. Economically we need to be closer to 50M.

    That aside, at least get your finger pointing straight. Immigration has been reduced under labor. Howard was the one that systematically increased immigration to record levels.
  12. .... Doesn't speeding kill enough people to counter balance this??....8-[
  13. Cheeky tweetster.

    I saw that 300000 babies number on tv the other day - but that's not what the ABS report says. It's more like 160000

    The report also highlights that the growth is well below the peak of several years ago, so SRA, mate, seriously, if your concern is population growth, we've had one of the lowest in the last decade which would fit right into your dealing with your concerns.
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    I'm with SRA with the exception of blaming Julia. Our whole economy and that of the all developed nations is based on growth. Much of the growth we get is a result of population growth.

    In a finite world you cannot have infinite growth. It needs to stop somewhere.

    Everyone should watch this lecture by Albert Bartlett on population growth.

  15. I don't have an issue with the growth per say, but I do have an issue with how we are going about it.

    My biggest issue is that the people we are incentivizing to have kids through the baby bonus are less likely to become highly qualified skilled workers (which is what we need) and more likely to become blue collared workers (which is what we don't need).

    I'm not saying we should be paying the baby bonus along with all the other middle and lower class welfare to the upper class, I'm just saying that we shouldn't have an uncapped option that allows a family who can't afford to have 5 kids, the ability to have 5. It's not that they won't make good parents, it's just not sustainable for the long term future of the country if they aren't producing skilled labour and that ultimately is why the baby bonus was put there.
  16. Ah yes, stepping back and taking a more holistic and global approach I agree we can't keep increasing the worlds population. In fact I think the limit was probably about 4 billion and from then on we are just farking the place up.

    Curtailing this, however will take a global approach and will probably require a global step away from capitalism (as capitalism requires growth to succeed and indeed encourages it).

    That aside, as things stand now, Australia cannot sustain industry with only 20M people and we have plenty of room. I'm not saying it won't take planning. I'm not saying it won't take infrastructure, but it can easily be done.

    If you want to take a holistic global approach what we should be doing is restricting birth rates in Australia, but encouraging as much immigration as we possibly can. I can't imagine that would go to well as a voting platform, however.
  17. I'd like to see a breakdown of the age groups involved in producing this growth in population. While a percentage is bound to be working families, I would think the larger portion would be teenage girls opting to have babies for the money and to avoid having to work for 5 years, etc.

    I base that thought on my observation the girls in my daughter's age group, where at least 20-30% had their first child before the end of Year 10, and many more followed that trend in the coming year.

    From what I understand all news media obtain what I call "not the news" from the Sydney central clearing house, where they purchase the news stories they intend to publish.

    And, I never trust any official figures offered to us plebs, due to having a friend who worked for KPMG. She told me she left the job because she could no longer handle the manipulation of data so that it reflected the outcomes desired by the company or government agency paying for the sampling.

    All news media to me is a method used to manipulate the populations perceptions on everything, to bring us to a homogenised general Belief about the world around us. So I do not trust any of them to be reporting correctly at any time. News media owned by one of the top three in the world report different aspects to different areas of the globe, which leads to rising tensions between say Australia and Indonesia. It's pure manipulation.
  18. Don't forget the baby bonus and Abbotts ridiculous paid parental leave scheme that makes not having a baby financially stupid. I hate to tell you SRA but as this seems to be the issue you are most passionate about and you raise again and again the Greens are the only party that has even considered this. While the Libs are firmly down the growth is everything line and Labor sits in the middle.