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Austar gets SPEED

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by b12mick, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. The FIM Superbike World Championship will now be available for viewers throughout Australia, following an announcement by broadcaster AUSTAR that from tomorrow Friday regional Australians will be able to watch some of the biggest events in world motorsports on its newest channels, SPEED and SPEED HD.

    From Friday, SPEED and SPEED HD will be added to AUSTAR's Sports option at no extra charge and AUSTAR's Group Director, Corporate Development, Deanne Weir says this will provide even more value for money for sports customers.

    "We are thrilled to be able to offer our very dedicated motorsports fans the channel they've been waiting for. SPEED expands dramatically on the previous motorsports segments that were shown on the FOX SPORTS channels by showcasing them on a channel devoted entirely to the genre. While our negotiations with Premier Media Group (PMG) for the channel took longer than we had hoped, neither PMG nor AUSTAR ever gave up on our joint goal of providing regional Australians with access to this channel", she continued.

    "AUSTAR has, without question, the best sports offering available on television for Regional Australia. Our commitment to providing sports fans with the highest quality broadcasts will continue with key events shown live, uninterrupted and in high definition on SPEED. Customers who love motorsports will be highly rewarded with the great content on this channel."
  2. I added the sports package back last night.

    Apparently we also get BSB and Aus SBK
  3. That's nice. We were going to give Austar the flick when the new aerial goes up this week (can't get free to air atm) but it now looks like we can keep it. We only ever got it for the bike racing in the first place.
  4. You beauty =D>
  5. Yep you certainly do.

    ASBK Round 1 has been and gone but Round 2 (Symmons Plains) is due next weekend I believe.
  6. Round 1 highlights (2hrs worth) was on last night at 7pm.
  7. Yep just signed up again with the 6 months free sports option (y)
  8. Need something like this on free to air. At least ONE gets GP!