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Aust. Soccer Fans - 'I don't get it'

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. I don't get it.

    How can australian people barrack for Croatia, Italy etc when there team (Socceroos) are playing them.

    I can understand, people who follow soccer will follow say Italy because there mum and dad are Italian and they follow Italy when the World Cup rolls around. I do/did the same, I always followed England :oops:

    But this year was different, I did not have to follow England as I had my country to barrick for :grin:

    So how come people of all age groups turn there back on there country of birth and follow another team :?

    Surely your place of birth I would have thought would have a big bearing on who your allegiance is towards, I guess not :?

    I watched on TV as aussie croats donned in croat costume would tote out the same line and I am sure it would be for the other nations. That they are not too disappointed, sure they would prefer to have won, but they can now follow the Socceroos.

    I don't get it.

    Cheers :cool:
  2. Just hedging their bets is my guess. :twisted:
  3. I was going for Trinidad-Tobago Mon.

    Keepin it real.
  4. I think that if you choose to live in Australia then you barrack for Australia... Simple.

    I hate seeing people supporting other countries, especially since we are in it this year...
  5. People always support the family team, not necessarily the team representing where they were born or live. I do see your point though. On SBS this morning (seems like a week ago now) there were 2 Aussie girls wearing Croatian gear because their folks are Croatian. Fair enough. Except, they then say that they are chuffed to see Australia through as thats the team representing their country. <cough... glory hunters... cough> If you genuinely dont care which team wins, why dress up in anything? Go nackad!
  6. And then you have what we had here in Melbourne for the Australia vs Greece game......

    A huge portion of the crowd wearing both teams colours.
  7. A little bit of where you come from always remains in your heart, no matter where you go...
  8. Because the grass is always greener.
    Had they been Aussies living in Croatia, they would've been barracking for the Socceroos.

    That's just how the story goes.
    We like to make things we're not a part of/don't have seem a lot more glorified.

    Just my .02 c.
  9. I know a few people that are rooting against Aus. That really pisses me off. I say support the country that supports you
  10. Does everyone in Sydney support the Swans? Does everyone in St Kilda support the Saints?

    People follow teams for many different reasons - family history, place of birth etc etc. But also people may have a fav player so they follow whatever team they are playing for.

    Personally, i'm a mad Aussie fan. But then again i dont really have any history with any other counrty. If i moved to another country i'd still support OZ.

    Still, it makes it interesting when you have a mixture of supporters i reckon.
  11. I like to follow/support things because of my place of birth + family history.

    I breast fed as a kid so I love to look at breasts, and my place of birth, well ... :LOL:
  12. well my heritage is croatian. my parents were born in croatia. i'm an aussie, i was born here. they too are aussies and proud of it!

    what i don't get is people who say they are italian, croatian, greek,lebanese, whatever but were born IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY of ours...
  13. (not soccer, just in genral) At they same time - my family support the team that needs the most support (sometimes the ref! LOL).
  14. I agree, but I also add: don't confuse the important issues with bullshit. This is sport, not war... at the end of the day, it's just a bunch of guys kicking a ball around the field. It's entertainment. Enjoy it, don't stress about it.
  15. Mik, I dont know what your background is, I have been brought up by Greek parents with all the customs and traditions that come with it. I have been exposed more to Greek way of life than Aussie, in my heart I am a Greek living in Australia. My blood is Greek no matter where I live.

    The song that goes 'I still call Australia home' is true for any country, I still call Greece home and always will. I bet if you went and lived in Korea and they played Autralia you would be wearing the green and gold.

    Just because you live in a certain country doesn't meen you must back that country, do you also hate everyone who lives in Richmond and doesn't back the Tigers or everyone that lives in Hawthorn that doesn't back the Hawks? I doubt it, this is no dofferent. Your heart lies where it lies and will dictate who you barrack, you can't expect someone who has grown up in another country to ignore their past.
  16. That is not debatable and that is not the subject matter, as in. The question is posed at Australian people who have been brought up in Australia from birth.

    If you are say 15 and you come over here, of course you would go for the other team, that is to be expected, I would have thought.

    Cheers :cool:
  17. Who cares what team anyone supports...it's just a game...it's supposed to be fun and enjoyment...not life and death.
  18. twainheart, let me help you 'get it'. The first language I spoke was Greek, I eat Greek food, I am Greek Orthodox, I went to Greek school, all my relatives are Greek, at school I would hang out with Greek kids so I greew up with more exposure to a Greek way of life than Australian, so this is why I call myself Greek.

    And 'THIS GREAT COUNTRY' of ours wouldn't be so great if it wasn't for all the culture and hard work that was shipped in by all the people that migrated here like mine and your parents. How many pure Aussie names do you see on Australian soccer team? and how many people on that team actually play soccer in Australia?

    We do live in a great country, we have it really good here, I might back the Greek teams and love everything Greek, but if some prick started Australia in a war I would be first on the front line.
  19. I suggest it might take more than one generation for the roots of the old countries to die completely, especially in this affluent and mobile society when young people who are born here can travel back to the 'old country' so easily.....
  20. I'm in agreeance with Myestro to a degree as I have had a similar upbringing.
    The only difference is I call myself an Australian of Greek origin.
    I regularly see what "pack" mentality can do when ethnic groups of all sorts tend to get together.
    My biggest saving grace was actually playing soiccer with a mixture of kids from varying backgrounds that allowed me to have a more balanced view of the world because in my younger days intolerance was much greater than what I see today.
    I'm 41 and still play soccer with a mixed group and couldn't enjoy it more.
    I have made lifelong friendships more with Aussies, Italians Irish and Poms and can only count on one hand how many Greek friends I have.
    (relatives are different)
    Australian first!