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N/A | National Aust Road Rules Admendment to make lane splitting illegal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mouth, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Received this today, from the MRA Qld...

  2. Even if it was illegal id do it anyway,mainly cos it pisses of cagers. But it looks as if we'll have something else to protest against on our next multiple issue protest ride!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I didn't think there were Australian Road Rules as such. Doesn't each state frame their own?
  4. This needs our urgent and united attention. There is obviously little academic reasoning behind this decision, the wording 'get ahead of the queue' shows the thinking used to arrived at this.

    The authorities are clearly unaware of the safety, environmental and traffic congestion benefits lanesplitting provides, to the extent where many governments around the world are actually legalising it.

    I am 100% behind any action the motorcycle peak bodies may come up with... lets hope they sort something out soon - we need to not only quash this rule, but to change thinking on lanesplitting from a dirty habit into a constructive use of roads by riders.

    100,000 odd bikes in qld - that's 100,000 votes, someone is bound to listen.
  5. i asked a mate who is a copper here in NSW and he said while it is not illegal and is not legal it all depends on the copper and how you were doing it. it would be ridiculous to change the rules though, its one of the things i love, cruising ahead of all the cage drivers to the front. the best is the spit bridge here when it goes up, i go to the front of about 200 cars ( mostly single car drivers )
  6. There's a set of Australian Road Rules, which each state has adopted. In other words, there are Vic road rules, NSW road rules etc, but they're essentially identical.

    They seem to be enforced differently from place to place, though. For instance, in Canberra you'll get fined if you fail to indicate when leaving a roundabout (even if you're riding straight through). In Melbourne no-one ever does this and the police don't bother about it.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Gromit :)
  8. Each state's legislation, although the same for the most part is identical, can have slight changes that exist... don't know why - read this post:
  9. Re: Aust Road Rules Admendment to make lane splitting illega

    Who are the AMC? Yes - I know they're an advocacy group consisting of a confederation of clubs - but who are the representatives, what is their charter, where do i find their policy platform and how do we feed into the decision making process? I can find a mangy page hanging off the MCCNSW web site, but the information there is contradictory - it suggests that Michael Czajka (MRA Vic) is a rep but elsewhere doesn't even list the MRA as a member.

    I'm all in favor of fighting any proposed changes regarding lanesplitting. Actually, I think we should use the opportunity to get the legal position changed.

    And, as the AMC appears not to have the constitutional capacity to represent non-aligned motorcyclists (because it is made up of clubs), could someone point me toward the stated policy positions of the Victorian clubs (and their contact email addresses) so I can decide where to channel my efforts? Or (God forbid!) is this a chance for the Victorian clubs to present a consistent view and a coordinated campaign?
  10. Re: Aust Road Rules Admendment to make lane splitting illega

    Steady on, let's not get carried away...
  11. Re: Aust Road Rules Admendment to make lane splitting illega

    that must be some good shit that your on :D:D:D:D:D

    i'm sure someone here will correct me :eek: :eek: :eek: but isn’t lane splitting illegal as it is? i am sure i found a bit of road law when doing my l's that its illegal for 2 vehicles to occupy the same lane side by side at the same time? except for the amendments for bikes stopped at lights etc.

    time to do some digging
  12. Lanesplitting is not explicity illegal - there are several things that they could use to charge you if they felt like it, but this legislation eliminates any doubt or loopholes that may exist. There are several ways to lane split without actually breaking the law as it stands at the moment.

    The 2 vehicles rule side by side is actually contradicted by other rules as well.
  13. Raff, the Victorian Rider book only states that it is illegal to lane split while the cars are in motion, it mentions nothing about splitting while vehicles are stationary. Not sure about any other specific legislation.
  14. aren’t they amendments dude ;)

    and they extend the rule to relate to certain situations eg i can use the bike lane for 50m if i’m turning
  15. yeah i was actually referring to something i did in skool in relation to my car l's when i found that bit of info. i just checked the riders book too, good work :)
  16. Whatever they do, we need to have our voice heard and change some perceptions about lanesplitting... it's about time.
  17. Here is a link to the Texas bill in it's proposed for with LEGALISES lane-splitting. Where's the pollies over here working for us?


    Many US states have such bill waiting to be introduced in their legislatures. I find it unfathomable that over here they want to go the other way and ban it.
  18. BTW, has anyone got a link to any hard information from an offical government site on this one?

    MCCofNSW is looking for some hard facts on it.
  19. The reason they want to ban it is cos most people drive boxes and they get jealous when people on bikes get in front of em at the traffic lights. When's the last time you saw a polly riding? Cept for the guy after the last elections that was busted goin crazy on his R6! :LOL:
  20. SO TRUE! Their stuck in the snarl, we're not - JEALOUSY

    Who dat bloke? I'm moving to his electorate so I can vote for him