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[Aust] List of Insurance Companies

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Justus, Jul 14, 2007.

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  2. Good to have a combined list. FYI folks popular alternate names:

    Swann is Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG)
    Western QBE is under QBE
    RACV is under Insurance Manufacturers of Australia
    NRMA is under Insurance Manufacturers of Australia
    Shannons is Australian Alliance and is not listed but is at http://www.shannons.com.au/
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  4. Ah. Thanks for the detail

    Yeah. Thats a better description. You appear to know a lot about insurance companies. Thank God, when I saw the header I thought this thread was going to be another "where can I get cheap insurance" thing.
  5. Not sure what the point of this list is, but I hope you are not suggesting that because the insurers are on that list, they are immediately trustworthy or anything special.

    A number of them are reinsurers, another bunch are part of Lloyds underwriters and even more some are offshore insurers.

    The majority do not offer motorcycle insurance either.

    You'd be better putting up a list of insurers with a financial services license issued by ASIC.

    Even better publishing a list of insurers that participate in the Insurance Ombudsman service (not all do), and then the results of those who appear in front of the ombudsman the most (which means they deny claims a lot).

    For example, QBE have 168,859 claims and have 647 disputes and 127 referrals (45 are overturned, ie ombudsmand agreed with the customer) in one year.

    Swann 23,158 claims, 137 disputes and 21 referrals 9 are overturned.

    For my money, i'd never go to QBE or Swann based on that track record (% of claims portfolio with disputes).
  6. Interesting, got any sources or dates for those stats? Got any details on any other companies' stats?

    I think the point was not to imply anything about the quality of each insurer but rather to provide a convenient list of lots of insurance companies in one place. If that is correct, it has succeeded.
  7. Thanks MG, that list is exactly what I want right now, you must be a mind reader :grin:
  8. I don't see a list of insurers, I only see Shannons :p

    Who by the way need to fix my bike coz some dipshit tossed it down the road in Tassie :oops: :rofl:
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  13. So i make a warning about offshore insurers, and your response is to refer me to a warning from APRA on offshore insurers... makes sense :roll: I'm very aware of the FSRA :wink:
  14. I'd like the Shannon's assessor to look at my bike and go "nah mate, you better send this to the wreckers. Here, here's a nice shiny black 1098s :grin:

    DAMN THAT ALARM CLOCK..... It was a nice dream while it lasted :(
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  16. My life would be complete :grin:

    well, just as soon as I could ride again ;)
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