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Aussies have let us down again - 7 for 46 after 9 overs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gooza, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. What a joke. Getting ready to become an honorary Pom right now.

  2. Just saw 9 for 56. Bloody Woeful
  3. All out for 60. Dark day for Aussie Cricket.
  4. All out for 60, time for the Captain to step up.....oh. Nevermind.
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  5. Yep, bloody woeful. I was going to post it in the "things that shit me" thread.
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  6. Jesus wept even I used to bat better than that...they just hogged their crease and didn't step up to the ball at all.
    8/15 FFS...
    Bloody Johnson was the high scorer with friggin 13...
  7. Nope, Australia's highest run scorer was extras - 14, oops.
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  8. Were they trained through the AIS as well?
    I vote sundries for next cricket captain of Australia...
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  9. Hope Extra's is getting paid well.
  10. Might as well get them to wear the pyjamas for the next test.
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  11. I'll just leave this here FB_IMG_1438867064379.
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  12. Top order, middle order, and tail end collapse in the first 20 overs.
  13. Maybe the NR XI should be the next bunch to tackle the ashes?

    PS: I can't say too much, good friends with the batting coach...
  14. I just looked up Glenn McGraths high score: 61
  15. Ah this hurt last night, went to put the kids to bed just before it started and came back 15 mins later and we're 4/15! WTF! On no, sorry - my mistake, 5/16. WTF again!! Cue wine...

    Sad really.