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Aussies forced to follow on

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. :facepalm: ](*,) :-({|=

    for the first time in 17 years

    What goes up must come down I suppose :cry:

  2. Haydon should have been given his marching orders last summer.

    They always say its harder to get out of the team than in.

    The batters are stuffed and not putting pressure on the poms.

    Oh well one more test to go hopefully we can win it. Some hard questions need to be asked thats for sure.

    Cheers 8)
  3. Yep, this is agony watching the Poms actually look good. Lee batted well
  4. Yep thats WHAT really shits me. The bowlers have been batting very well. Friggan batters have been bloody disgraceful

    Cheers 8)
  5. Signs that things were going wrong:

    - Drawing against county teams in warm up games instead of flogging them inside 2 days
    - Losing to Bangladesh in a one-dayer :roll:
    - Ponting losing continually the toss, and when he wins making the wrong decision

    It would seem somebody in the team owes the devil some money
  6. id like to see the sixes from brett lee from the blimp
    but our guys r a bit wofull, i like close games but ahh words escape me....
    any one know the email add for the commentry id like to ask for the blimp shots of the sixes
  7. ... what goes up most come down. Just ask the West Indies; they went into their decline when they stilll had most of their great players.......
  8. Unless any of the competitors rides a motorcycle on the field this appears to be an irrelevant thread!

  9. rc just use the remote
  10. Thanks I will
    I thought I'd stumbled into the wrong forum there for a minute!!!
  11. Anything can happen...
    What they need now is a Botham.

    Brilliant series though, nobody can deny that.
  12. Or should this have been posted under the Jokes and Humour heading??
  13. hahaha, and to think last year ponting and lee were complaining about a lack of competition
  14. yeah thats right not long ago we were patting them on the back but now, we are out for blood.

    they should have played aus v rest of the world a yr or 2 ago , now just doesnt seem relevent

    but martyn is useless, give them that hussy, all teams need a hussy...
  15. A sad fact is australia deserve to lose.
    The batters arent doing there jobs .
    even in the follow on , the balls on the stumps and they are trying to play it for 4
    when the balls off the stumps they are lifting there bats and let it go through to the keeper .

    when its off the stump , cain the rubbish , make them pay.

    that pommy bloke did to australia , anyuthing short or too long and wasnt on the stumps he just put it away .
    maybe the batters need to take a leaf out of his book
    someone wants to go down with a baseball and explain that to this wankers.

    as for the bowlers , how many times have you seen , lee tait and kasperwich keep insisting on bowling short of a length out side off stump , they deserve to be hit to the boundry.
    this is a waste of time , especially when you oly have 2 slips and a keeper.
    if you dont put it on the stumps then how can you expect them to make a mistake.
    you have more chance at getting LBW and an edge on the stumps than off the stumps.

    our bowling line up needs a kicking too.
  16. Sorry RC. I know you've never posted a thread on Netrider that has nothing to do with motorcycles. Please accept my apologies. 8)
  17. Well, you are a funny man, dan.

    The one you mentioned was posted in Jokes and Humour which I understood didn't have to be especially motorcycle related...

    Indeed, I did suggest a couple of posts above that maybe the cricket one should be posted there too!!!


    (btw, apology accepted :p )
  18. australias performance in the cricket should be posted in the JOKE section :D
  19. I think I said that too!!!