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Aussie Woman sues McDonalds over hot coffee burns

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. So is this a frivolous lawsuit or not?

    For the full story go to: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/busines...-from-hot-coffee/story-fndgp8b1-1226625422842

  2. I have no problem with her suing. Maybe the retarded maccas employees of Australia will learn to put lids on. Or the fact coffee shouldn't be served at the temperature of the sun.
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  3. Maybe the lady who burnt herself grabbed the cup of coffee too tight and popped the lid off???..... Anyhoo... Doubt she will get far... Seriously.. Who the hell can't handle a cup of coffee... God the world is stuffed these days
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  4. Possibly. She has to prove she didn't stuff up the lid herself. I doubt she'll get far as well
  5. Btw a good cup of coffee still shouldn't be able to inflict burns. Hot yes. But as said not like the surface of the sun
  6. wouldn't be the first time maccas got sued for this... its why it says HOT on the lid.... im guessing theyre prepared for an intellectually challenged cash trapped trollup.
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  7. Should have been wearing ATGATT.
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  8. She's not from Tasmania mate
  9. No she's from Adelaide :ROFLMAO:
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  10. Who'd of thunk a coffee would be hot? The average cappuccino is served at 65c which from what I understand is enough to cause serious burns in a matter of a few seconds.
    Now that dumb web toed, South Australian biatch would know it's hot. She doesn't deserve a cent from anyone.
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  11. i dont think it much matters where shes from... her actions speak for her.

    what a retard.
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  12. I wholeheartedly agree but don't you ever get frustrated when the lid falls off your coffee. She may have been a biatch to the counter staff and they secretly set it up to come off. This suing is only the beginning this country is following the good old yanks way too close for my liking
  13. I suppose it would be inappropriate to wonder if this Jessica person was hot. :)
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  14. #14 Geoff3DMN, Apr 22, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2013
    Hrrmmm Frankston might be close, Smith street (Collingwood) sounds closer though :)
  15. You have HOT coffee from Macdonalds in Adelaide, WOW,

    The Coffee they serve here is near bloody cold, You can pour it down your crutch and it wont burn,
    I have taken coffee back and told them to heat it up, Their reply, We are not allowed to serve it hot,
    They stick a thermometer in it to make sure it isnt hot,
    The result of that Yankee sheila suing them,

    I hope they chuck it out of court, Common sense, hopefully will prevail.

    Sue the council because they didnt put up a sign saying the water was not deep enough for diving, You dive into 6 inches of water, Your on your own, Dick head,

    There are quite a few of these idiotic Legal precedents,

    The cotton wool Brigade,

    Castlemain also has a housing commission area. Like Elizabeth, Doveton, Frankston,
    I grew up in West Heidelberg, So I do know what these area's are like, Hahahahaha
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  16. Really?

    Do you have a GoPro? I'm happy to meet you somewhere, buy you a coffee and film me pouring it on your crotch to verify that. At the very least, I reckon we could get a few hits on youtube.

    CAUTION: Hot coffee may be hot. Your crotch is your problem. If you let someone pour hot coffee on your balls while filming it you are an idiot.
  17. If she can show they served it hotter than reasonable she might get somewhere.
  18. I should have sued Starbucks as well....after getting burnt by their coffee, wedged in on the handlebars of the bike :)............I would be a millionaire about now and be riding a new bike of my choice :)
  19. Strangely enough, I have actually heard of Elizabeth. :)

    Back in '85 or '86, the company I was working for in Sydney wanted to transfer me down to their Adelaide office, so they sent me down for a week's looking around.

    In the office, at the Levels, I was looking at houses for sale, and saw what looking like reasonable places, very cheap, but then I was told: "Those houses are in Elizabeth. You can't live there. All the Poms live there." ;)
  20. People have tried suing other people for saying good morning to them. It's stuff like this that ties up the courts and makes justice almost out of reach for the average punter. Put all the stupid people on an island & let em all die off, survival of the fittest. Back in the day if you walked up to a sabre tooth to pay it you were an idiot and got natural justice, ie you got ate. You burned yourself on your HOT COFFEE because you're stupid.

    On the other hand if purely for a time and taste reason I think it's ridiculous for coffee to be made so hot that it takes 30 minutes before its drinkable. I order my coffee with a dash of cold milk.