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Aussie wins British Speedway Grand Prix..breaks record.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Speedway Grand Prix: 2009 British GP - Crump wins to break records.
    Jun 28, 2009, 09:52

    Jason Crump won a Speedway Grand Prix for a record 21st time in front of an enthusiastic and appreciative 42,000 crowd at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.

    Crump stormed to seven perfect wins to claim victory in the FIM British Speedway Grand Prix presented by Rockstar Energy Drinks. It was his third win in four years at Cardiff after victories there in 2006 and 2008.

    It was a flawless display by the Aussie, who increased his championship lead over all of his nearest rivals, including Russian Emil Sayfutdinov and defending World Champion Nicki Pedersen.

    Crump now has a 31-point cushion at the head of the leaderboard after beating Fredrik Lindgren, Hans Andersen and Greg Hancock in the final.

    “This was as good as it gets,†said Crump. “I made some great starts all evening and to do this here of all places was fantastic.â€

    Crump paid tribute to the organisers and especially Ole Olsen, for his preparation of the track at Cardiff.

    “Every rider will tell you that it couldn’t get any better. Of course it wasn’t easy out there, it was a tough night, but it was safe."

    American Hancock chipped in, saying: “This was the best Grand Prix track ever. It was smooth, there were no ruts and there was more than one racing line. We couldn’t ask for more.â€

    Lindgren was happy with his second place, saying: “I have had an up and down season but I came into this meeting on the back of some good form. I only dropped two points in four league matches this week and that helps your confidence."

    Crump was especially pleased to have past Rickardsson’s total of 20 GP wins.

  2. LOL...the censorship in the above article refers to the American rider Greg H_a_n_c_o_c_k.
  3. Yay Jason.
  4. Phil will be very proud, and the streets of Mildura will run with celebratory ales, I'm sure :LOL:.
  5. I reckon so.
  6. Gee I must have missed the detailed report in the newspaper. But then again he only won at a international level in a sport invented in Australia instead of being a legend on a local football ground
  7. Superb irony :applause:

    When I was track announcer and promotions officer at a Speedway in Canberra many years ago, I would regularly send race results and information to the paper. The only reason it ever got printed was because Paul Gover was the Motoring Editor, and a car nut.

    Info and interviews I sent to the two big Speedway magazines in the country at the time was always published, but then again, only speedway people read them.

    Speedweek on SBS often shows quite extensive coverage of speedway, bikes and cars, but, again, where is the Australian mainstream press when these sorts of things happen?
  8. Totaly agree.
  9. I will have a beer with him.
  10. whos watching ONE sports channel now?
  11. Not me, it doesn't switch on in Wollongong till 7:00pm on the 3rd of July.
  12. lol what a shame..

    anyway it was australian superbike championship
  13. Mrs Hornet just asked, "Does this mean you will be watching more sport?".

    I said no, of course :roll: :LOL:.