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Aussie Superbikes @ Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by sidecar55, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. This weekend is the last round of the Australian Superbikes @ Phillip Island. 11 sidecars are entered, one of which is Adam Treasure on his new 2009 LCR, who broke the long standing lap record at Broadford by 1.3 seconds on it's first outing. Adam is going to Europe in 2010 to contest the Superside world championship.
    I'm hoping for rain to level the playing field a bit, it's my last race on this sidecar as it's going to a new owner.

  2. Good luck!

    I'll do the rain dance for you :)
  3. You crazy, crazy fool of a man. Good luck with the race mate.
  4. Your wish has been granted...

    Forecast for Saturday

    Cloudy. Rain, easing to scattered showers around dawn. Isolated thunderstorms. Winds north to northwesterly averaging 25 to 35 km/h, reaching 40 km/h at times, becoming northwesterly 35 to 50 km/h during the morning then decreasing to 25 to 40 km/h later in the evening. Overnight temperatures falling to around 12 with daytime temperatures reaching around
    Rain easing.

    Forecast for Sunday

    Cloudy. Scattered showers. Winds northwest to southwesterly averaging 15 to 25 km/h, reaching 30 km/h at times, tending south to southwesterly up to 40 km/h around midday. Overnight temperatures falling to around 11 with daytime temperatures reaching around 17.
    Few showers.

    As someone once said...welcome to Philip Island, gateway to hyperthermia
  5. Sidecars are just awsome to watch. Bet it feels great to be leaning just mm from the ground.
    I know its not the same but l tried sidecar on a BMX once, it was great fun. I am so jealous of you, l would love to have a go at what you do.
    Good luck and have a blast.
  6. I am ambivalent about sidecars and those who race them. On the one hand I have the most enormous respect for their skill and courage and on the other hand I remain convinced that they all have a death wish which is, at any moment, about to be granted.

    Best of luck, guys.
  7. ahh, but you can young grasshopper......:p

    December 6
    Sidecar Introduction Day
  8. The final round should be a cracker. Honda's Glenn Allerton is just 2 points ahead of Suzuki's Josh Waters and his own team mate, Alistair Maxwell just 7 points further back.

    It's going to be a true, winner-take-all finale.
  9. Thanks Mike but its up to the missus if l can go out and play. I can feel the choker chain getting tighter at the moment
  10. Anyone got an idea of the timetable for sunday?
    The ASBK site just says TBA , thought it would have been updated by now.
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  12. Big highside.

    Nasty place for the water to be, they'd have some speed up there I would imagine
  13. Not good at all
  14. Pretty much full speed there, I'd guess. Not the place that you'd want to be parting company, that's for sure. It never ceases to amaze me how riders always have the presence of mind (instinct?) to get up and hot-foot it to safety even when they are injured.
  15. Track announcers vary in quality, but that happened so quickly it wasn't on the tannoy until it was half over....... :shock:
  16. I won't comment on quality of announcers.
  17. that is about the best possible example to explain a high side to the uneducated!