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Aussie Superbikes at PI This weekend (9th-10th Sept)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. I'm surprised that there are no threads on the 2 plus 4 event at Phillip Island this weekend.

    As I type I'm watching Race 1 of the ABSK series. Good racing, although the Ducati Rider Jamie Stauffer made an interesting shortcut at Turn 1...
  2. Hmm lets see....

    2 + 4......taxi racing all day with the occassional bike race thrown in so the bogans can line up at the canteen with the BS prices..

    car racing.....mehh....:roll:

    Did I mention the bogans

    PI... the worst spectator track in Victoria....don't get me wrong, awesome to ride...just shithouse to watch racing at..you see maybe 3 or 4 corners, then gone till the next lap.

    crap food.....the only place with a worse canteen/take-away food is Winton ( holds the record for absolute SHYTE )

    just my 2c's
  3. You didn't like the food at Winton? You mean stodge laden fatty crap isn't to your liking?

    I hated that track, flat, windblown, dry as, poor track conditions, yuk..I did a circuit walk once prior to a club event and it scared the crap out of me when I saw the size of the cracks and just how slippery the surface was. I decided that ignorance was bliss after that.
  4. errrr geeez mike, dont sugar coat it, tell us what you really think :)

    methinks the only reason why they ahve bikes there is because the popularity of the cars is waning, and if it means that I only have to line up for 5 mins to get my crappy food instead of 15, then Im all for it

  5. Meh Ive spent all day watching the V8 Supercars... Although I ALWAYS watch the enduros.. The Superbikes were just a deliciously beautiful topping! sure beats watching the Slow shtty Minis!!

    Anyone else watch the race at PI today??