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Aussie speeding fines - is it all a crock?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TheRedPeril, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. G’day Punters,

    Firstly I apologise in advance for potentially posting on a topic that may have been done to death but the only forum link postings I could find referred me to the http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/ website:

    Some of you may know me but I have not been on the Netrider Forums for quite some time.

    Ask Vic! (Good to see you at the Supers last weekend by the way Vic – that Aaron Morris is definitely one to watch if you had an opportunity to keep an eye on him rather than the SBK tent. I’ve never seen anyone make a passing manoeuvre on Siberia like that and get away with it!)

    But on to my reason for this post.

    I’m curious to know if any of you have had any dealings with a mob called Aussie Speeding fines.

    I received a speeding infringement notice recently and prior to that had been told by some riders over time that if you followed the suggested course of action in the manual you could not be prosecuted.

    Others riders have told me it’s all a load of bollocks.

    Not one of them ever seems to have tested it though.

    Does anyone have any hard evidence either way?

    A mate of mine got ‘pinged’ for doing a whopping great life threatening 5 km/h over the speed limit but it was on my bike.

    He’s happy to take the knock but given his circumstances I’d be keen to contest this fine if anybody has any concrete knowledge of this Aussie Speeding Fines stuff working.

    Can anyone with solid information please advise.

    Off list if required.


  2. why dont u try it and tell us how u go,
    the worst that will happen is another 110$ for court appearance fees.
  3. $146 actually Zbike but that is not the question I was asking.

    This is my exact point - has anyone actually been there, done it and got the 'get out of jail free' T-shirt?

    Or is it a crock?
  4. Sounds like bollocks to me.
    Its like those get rich schemes, "BUY OUR BOOK ON HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS IN MINUTES!!" "Uh why are u giving this secret away? why not just use it yourself instead of selling a book?" "SHUT UP AND BUY THE BOOK TO BE RICH!!"
  5. I don't trust them. If they were any good then they would be famous and the lgal system would have changed. Have a look at this. http://www.aussiespeedingfine.com.au/aussiespeedingfines1.html

    I don't know Shaun, other than what I have read on his site, and if you read the link above and then have a look at the forums and other posts related to Aussiespeedingfines, you may be able to make a more informed decision. Perhaps Tramp could give you some insight as well.

    Good luck with your choice and result.
  6. Easy. They have been written up in many many forums and their methods "questioned".

    The following is an extract from a Consumer Affairs warning.

    Public Warning - Aussie Speeding Fines
    I Dr Claire Noone, the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria, being satisfied that it is in the public interest to do so and pursuant to section 162A(a) of the Fair Trading Act 1999, issue the following warning to the public identifying and giving information about the business practices of a person or persons trading as: Aussie Speeding Fines.

    The person or persons trading as Aussie Speeding Fines are responsible for the marketing and sale of a book, via its website aussiespeedingfines.com, (the website) which recommends consumers pursue a number of different strategies for avoiding paying speeding and traffic fines, and provides pro forma letters to send to law enforcement agencies.

    The website was established for Michael Gareth Palmer (Mr Palmer) of Beaumaris, Victoria. The website is operated at least in part by Mr Palmer and or Libra Consulting Services Pty Ltd a company of which Mr Palmer is the sole Director and shareholder.

    The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria warns consumers that the material contained within the book may be misleading, and may cause significant detriment to consumers if pursued in response to the receipt of an actual traffic infringement notice or summons for a driving offence. Consumers wishing to challenge speeding or traffic offences are advised to seek legal advice from a qualified legal practitioner, rather than relying on information and pro forma letters that have been published anonymously.

    Consumers should be wary of this internet site that claims to provide specialist information, but does not provide the name of the author of the publication and the details of qualifications of the author to provide specialist information.

    For advice on avoiding scams consumers can contact the Consumer Affairs Victoria helpline on 1300 55 81 81.

    Dated 4 September 2008

    Dr Claire Noone
    Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria