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Aussie Rules players - Pansies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I was thinking last night... Yes, I know, me thinking....

    Anyway, I was thinking how soft Aussie rules footballers are.... OK, case in point. Player breakes finger and gets 4 to 6 weeks to recover.

    2004 - Brands hatch - Race 1.. Richards and Emmette collide on lap two. Richards breaks ribs and Emmette breaks finger. Both guys are racing in the second race 2 hours later. Now, has anyone here tried to ride a bike with broken ribs. Has anyone here tried to race with a broken finger on the right hand.... Well, it hurts and it aint easy

    2003 - Cadwell Park - British SBK - Rizzla Suzuki Japanese rider Crahes badly. Advised cannot ride for 18 months. 9 months later starts 2004 series. Is lifted on and off the bike due to damage and pain. Wins many races and goes into WSBK in 2005 as Corsers Team Mate.

    There are countless examples of this.....

    SO, why do people look at the Aussie footballer and think they are tough.... They are weak as crap....

    Anyway, just my thoughts.....
  2. i can imagine riding with a broken rib/finger would be easy BUT its not like football where just about everything you do could shove that rib into your lung or snap that finger in half :wink: busted ribs dont tickle, punctured lungs would tickle even less i'd imagine :LOL:

    but that Hird is a blouse, look at that face, you just want to smack it dont you. yessssss, a baseball bat and 5 minutes alone, i'll fix that mummy's boy face of your hirdy :twisted:
  3. Actually Hirdy's face was rearranged.
    He has more metal in that face of his than there is metal on most bikes!
  4. AFL's barely a contact sport. victorians and soccer players are the only people that think it's a tough sport.

    Even netball players think AFL players are a bunch of sheilers
  5. not rearranged enough :twisted:
  6. who really cares it's only afl, the only good thing about it is grand final day, as there is always a party on , and everyone always has way too much to drink..... oh yeah only annoying thing is the party generally doesn't start until the end of the thrid quarter

  7. You're a harsh but funny man coconuts :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. hahahahahhaaa lemme guess, rugby fan? cant get your head around aussie rules so you figure you'll just run at each other real hard. the ball was an afterthought in that game, first and foremost was the concept of "ME SMAAAASH" :LOL:
  9. netball fan actually
  10. but you cant tell me thats no what your thinking every time they put him on the footy show. i'd feel a lot better about him if i could make him look similar to old dougie hawkins :LOL:
  11. What about Barry Sheene? He raced just six weeks after bailing out at over 170mph at Daytona in 1975.

    There are countless other examples.

    I disagree about the broken rib. I imagine that the movements that you have to do to race a bike could place alot of stress on a broken rib too.
  12. I say bring back ROLLERBALL :LOL:

    the chicks where damn cute AND tough in that movie

    :LOL: :LOL:

  13. ROFL
  14. i cant remember a grand final from the last 7 years :? i have to check the scores in the morning to know what happened (after throwing up the bacon and eggs i just ate) rum is the juice of the devil :evil:
  15. stress on it, yes, but i doubt anything close to an outright sprint and something like a stubbed toe compared to taking a direct hip and shoulder :shock:
  16. :shock:

    i'm just gunna leave that one alone.....

    :wink: :p
  17. Broken ribs and punctured lungs.. Have had them MANY MANY times.....

    Now, having many broken ribs hurts. When you breath, move, cough, laugh, sneeze, fart, hickup.... etc.....

    Now, imagine being in a 45minute race at BSBK, WSBK or MotoGP level where you throw the bike around for 45 minutes.... THe pain is AMAZING.....

    Now, a broken right finger.... Throttle hand. You are required to twist and grab the brakes about 50times per lap.... Sqeezing them VERY hard... with a broken finger..... IT HURTS, trust me....

    Lets not even go down the MX, Enduro or SM path on this, its even more painful

    A footballer with a broken finger, yes, has to catch a ball. A ggod player has about 20 to 30 possessions in a game.... That is equivalent to a single lap in a race.

  18. You sure know how to stir up a hornet's nest, skuffy!
  19. Ah so how many of you have played club AFL ! If the answer is no then get out and try it. Then come back and let us all know how piss weak AFL is.
  20. bah! just cos you wanna play hide the sausage with james hird :wink: :LOL:

    i'll agree that MX/Enduro racers are tuff as nails compared to AFL players, but there is a limit to what a human can do, shit does stop working if the wrong button gets pushed. but i'll maintain that getting busted bones knocked around in a footy game is tonnes worse than stressing the same injury in racing (except MX/enduro, that'd be just as bad/worse)