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Aussie Roundabouts Most Dangerous in the World

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by cjvfr, May 28, 2014.

  1. A Recent Austroad study labels Australian Roundabouts the most dangerous in the world due to poor design. Designed for speed rather than safety.

    DailyMail Article

    Australian roundabouts are among the most dangerous in the Western world because they are designed for capacity and not safety, a new study has shown.

    The report, which was released by Austroads last week, found that the design of Australian roundabouts encouraged drivers to speed through intersections and to ‘look but not see’ other motorists.

    Australian roundabouts are built according to a tangential design, which means that the driver has very good visibility as they approach the roundabout and is less likely to slow down, or check the roundabout closely as they approach the intersection.

    Austroads: Assessment of the Effectiveness of On-road Bicycle Lanes at Roundabouts in Australia and New Zealand
  2. So let's make it mandatory to plant the trees to decrease the visibility.

    That surely will make our roundabouts safer!
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  3. 100 points for picking what's wrong with this sentence.
  4. Come to Qld and see how bl#@dy dangerous roundabouts are. No one up here has any idea how they work.
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  5. Jezuzzchrist. How can anybody be this stupid?

    Quite literally, "Let's make roundabouts more dangerous so that they will be safer." FFS :banghead::banghead::banghead:

    Safer, that is unless every single car driver decides not to take a chance. But each time one does - crunch. :facepalm:

    That's not the real agenda though. It's about being obstructive out of belligerence toward powered transport, and the cycos have bought it.
    Die well guys, it'll be all your own doing.
  6. In Europe many Roundabouts are designed to be "Slow in, Fast Out" That means that the road coming into the roundabout is off set so that the incoming lane needs to make a sharp turn to enter the round about and traffic coming off the round about have a clear run off into the exit lane. It means that you have to slow down to enter the roundabout and can exit quickly.

    Here as far as I have seen the roads enter the roundabout are square on so that cars can get on quickly, swerve around the center island and shoot off again. Most people don't slow down at all for round about. Indicators!? What is the point here when no one cancels theirs or indicates when they are leaving the round about, might as well be looking at a sundial for all the information to be gained by the Australian indicator habits :p .
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  7. Roundabouts are meant to be traffic calming devices. Many have plants and other obstructions placed in the roundabout. I have even seen them with large rocks placed on the roundabout to "beautify " them.It is counterproductive to make roundabouts which obstruct vision of approaching vehicles and which can cause serious accidents if a rider/driver runs into them. Most roundabouts do a fairly good job of calming (slowing ) traffic.Vehicles not indicating properly are a nuisance and hazard.
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  8. At least you guys don't have this...


    3 roundabouts in one? GG.
    Have to go through it every day. It's one crazy place at times, especially since it's two lanes wide on all sides. People don't know how to indicate through it or keep their lane through it at all.
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  9. They must have been on magic mushrooms when designing magic roundabouts...

    .. though supposedly "the roundabout provides a better throughput of traffic than other designs and has an excellent safety record, since traffic moves too slowly to do serious damage in the event of a collision"
  10. Haha recognised that straight away. Have to navigate that as well everyday.
  11. nothing to do with design and everything to do with the stupid road rules that give priority to someone on the roundabout rather than priority to the right.
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  12. Isn't that in practice exactly the same thing?
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  13. Not in my experience. When I've ridden in places with give way to the right rules, I don't see traffic queuing up whilst on/in the roundabout.
  14. From the ones that I know, most Ozzie roundabouts are fairly reasonable and safe.

    I wish I could say the same for the Ozzie drivers.
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  15. @Womble@Womble This is something I was wondering. I learned that it was give way to the right, but also that you do not enter a junction that you cannot exit from. Reason being that you will obviously block the way for people who can make progress in an alternative direction. If a roundabout is a type of road junction why can't people be caught for entering them when it is clear that their exit is blocked?
  16. Absolutely correct and that's what makes all the difference.
  17. @Conorkc@Conorkc Your comments about indicators is so true. If it wasn't so serious it would be comical.

    I thought indicators must now be an optional extra when you buy a car like air conditioning or reverse senors.
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  18. BTW @RedHelmet@RedHelmet do you have the contact details for the engineers of that roundabout?
  19. No but we have a two in one in sunny down town Wagga. It's a fcukingcunt of a thing
  20. I think that's more to do with Australians just being inconsiderate jerks.
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