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Aussie 'Port' wins Catalunya 24 hour.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. You usually get HUGE winning margins in those long races, don't you? Top stuff for the Aussie!
  2. Excuse my ignorance J.O., but who is Martin Port and what is his back ground in Oz racing?
  3. I don't think Marty has done much racing here, I remember him punting a project GSXR600 for AMCN for a bit a few years ago.
  4. Does it matter what his Oz racing background is? You trying to start something? :LOL:
  5. Not at all J.O., just interested. Love endurance racing. Pity it does not happen in oz any more. Have never heard of Mr Port, but wish him all the best for finishing in the points. Know how hard that is to achieve in a 24 hour race. :?
  6. Yeh I think he was only a club racer. Good on him to get overseas, bullshit your way into a team and get an international licence..... all that takes a bit of effort.

    I love endurance racing also, body's getting a bit old for it now though (brake fingers & throttle hand cramp up after 15 min now). To do the Suzuka 8 hour would satisfy my hunger I think; I was entered in the '95 8 hour with Malcom Campbell; Japanese sponsor fell through though.
  7. Suzuka......

    The best, so hard, so tough.

    PiI would be a much better venue.
  8. Good effort from Martin, I reckon. He's no spring chicken either, Johnny.
  9. Dammit I saw the topic and thought I may have actually won something....
  10. You can have it, p80