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Aussie Passport

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by kurnell sanders, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. 23/25

    I'm a dead set legend.
  2. I tried to fail every one and ended up getting 2 mistakenly right - Whoops.

    I was called a Drongo :LOL:
  3. 14/25

    oh well.
  4. same :\
  5. For a Dutchman 17/25 i guess OK
  6. 21/25 glad im not a drongo
  7. 15/25
  8. 20/25, I'm better than most of youse.
  9. 17/25, some were clever guesses?!
  10. 20/25
    True Blue.

    Not bad for a latte' sipping, spaghetti bike rider...
  11. 22/25. Might have got two more if I went slower and hadn't picked the first one that I knew was right without realising "All of the above" was an option.
  12. 20/25
    True Blue ya cahns!

    Apparently Ian Thorpe has over size 20 feet! Holy cow!
  13. 22. learned something about cane toads.
  14. size 17. My 5th grade teacher was his cousin.
  15. That's funny. It gave the correct answer as 21. I was like WTF!
  16. 13/25

    But that's because I'm tru blue and couldn't be f&cked reading all the choices... :p
  17. Fresh off the boat Joe!