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Aussie Music For US

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I have 2 weeks to go before jetting off to Join Mrs 2wheelsagain in Florida for 3 weeks. (got 3 days in NY booked plus Miami and Daytona and Orlando)

    What music should I take to show the Yanks how its really done?
    I'm an Aussie rock type fan and the music I'm talking about doesn't have to be current. How long since the Yanks produced any real rock?
    I'll start off with a couple of Cold Chisel, Angels and Choir Boys tracks (am I showing my age :LOL: ) but I like some modern stuff too.

    Suggestions please and I'll fire up Frostwire. I'm happy to fill an entire DVD.
  2. They've heard it all already, they have a little thing over there called the i n t e r n e t :p

    But just in case, take some Powderfinger & Silverchair. :wink:
  3. Take some Urthboy and Hilltop Hoods for a taste of Aussie hip hop.

    Take every single Wolfmother album produced with you and leave them over there. In fact take the whole band as well, they can keep em. :LOL:

    The Vines, Sarah Blasko, The Go-betweens.
  4. Buffalo, Madder Lake, Chain, Aztecs,
    Captain Matchbox Whoopie Band, Sebastian Hardie

    The real bands before all the pop music took over

    or something like Blood Duster , just for something different

  5. If you want something modern and different from the usual commercial stuff, try "Something with Numbers" or "Staying at Home". And if you want something heavier try "Parkway Drive".
  6. Six Pocket Theory.

    Well i like em. :grin:
  7. Winner.

    Also, take some of The Living End's stuff with you.
  8. +1 to Blood Duster, lil taste of the local Mexicans :p

    amen to the Living End, they rock!!

    and good riddance to Wolfmother :LOL: :LOL:

    not interested in any of the amazing Melbourne DJs?
  9. take some Eskimo Joe
  10. Dont stress. Black fingernails album is already loaded oto the Ipod.
    All other suggestions have been great too ............mostly :LOL:
    I dont get Wolfmother either :?: :?:

    Keep them coming.
  11. That CD is still on it's way Drew, I just haven't got to a post office yet.

  12. The oils, mentals and divinyls.
  13. OMG - that is sooooo my era. add to that Icehouse, The Machinations, The Models & The Allnighters and you have my youth in a nutshell.

    Movin's (mr carri27) right into Gotye right now and he's starting to make a name for himself OS too. http://www.myspace.com/gotye
  14. cool mate..just though i'd give a plug for stuff i like :grin:
  15. ah just down load all the pub anthem albums you can find chop the us and uk shit out and she'll be right

    also add screaming jets to the list, not everything they have done is good but some of it is defiantely better then average
  16. You will be sure to dazzle them into a frenzy with music done over 20 years ago, thats breaking down barriers for sure.

    The yanks are the biggest export music market on this planet and probably mars too. Wolfmother record there cos no Aussie's touched them in the recording studio. Most of the bands here go there......wonder why......money maybe and the massive advertising market......

  17. Definately, was thinking about them today.

    And please don't forget the Hunters! A must have.
  18. The old stuff is making a return, so you never know, and biggest exporters they maybe, but the music bit you have to wonder sometimes :roll:

    I've got some old US stuff that was never released here thanks to family in the states and it is great much better than the crap enforced on us via radio

    Plus half of the new stuff is sampled old stuff anyway :LOL: :LOL:
  19. The last time I looked (a few years ago), Australia was the third largest supplier of chart acts worldwide, only behind the yanks and the poms.

    Not bad for a country that ranks about 25th largest in music sales. Plenty of bands and artists from Oz have success in smaller markets around the world, but unless it's the US or UK you never hear about it :?

    How about Grinspoon, Hoodoo Gurus, Icehouse,. Regurgitator...........