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Aussie motorcycle sports commentators

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Spud Gun, May 23, 2006.

  1. I was watching the French MotoGP on Foxtel, and I reckon the commentators are pure shite. I find that sometimes I see some things that they haven't picked up on, and I wonder if they are actually watching the same race. I think one of the Foxtel commentators is crap. I don't know his name, but he is the one who says that everyone is "ab-sol-ute-ly flyyyying". I watched the British Superbikes recently on another Foxtel channel, and the commentators there are in a completely different league. Really bloody good. They actually pad with useful and informative information, and when someone goes off they know who it is straight away, like a reflex. None of this "A honda is off... its.. hang on...", then it becomes a 50/50 guess once they have the team. It seems to be a case of having the voice and the 'patter' but lacking in racing knowledge or experience, or having the racing knowledge but lacking the ability to articulate it. Who do you reckon is the best Aussie motorcycle sports commentator?

  2. None...

    Beattie is just utter crap. None of them inspire.

    Now, did you ever hear Julian Ryder and Keith Heuwen? Now, they were the best. Totally crazy!

    The two guys on Foxtel are Nick Harris and Mark Bracks. God knows how Mark Bracks got the job. The previous pit lane commentator was effluent in Spanish and seemed to know more than Bracksy.

    Toby Moody is another good commentator.
  3. You did mean 'fluent' didn't you??

    Personally I like the guys on SBS Speed Week, Aunger and Prendergast if I recall correctly. Not the prettiest voices, but they seem to knwo what they're talking about.
  4. Beattie knows his stuff but puts people to sleep with his monotonous voice. Greg Rust and Bill Woods do a good job entertaining and calling the race, but special comments have really gone to poo since Barry left us. :(
  5. Yes! I did mean fluent, but some of the crap they talk it might as well be effluent!

    Bill Woods maybe, but Greg Rust is a twerp. Sorry, but seeing him run around pit lane in his RPM overalls is just silly. Oops, sorry, I really don't like him.. :)

    On the beeb, they've also got Steve Parrish (ex racer), Suzi Perry (confirmed bike nut) and Charlie Cox (ex touring car nutter - infamous crash - also an Kiwi). I think Parrish and Cox also do the BSB.
  6. Don't forget the BSB, BTCC & Speedweek stuff is post edited so the commentators know what's about to happen (scripted) and they can manipulate the camera shots after the event to make it look better.

    It's interesting to video record the live footage at an event and compare it with the broadcast version a week or two later.
  7. Australian has produced some great motorsports commentators, but the current crop are ordinary. But that's not any revelation; even the "great" Murray Walker was always 2 laps behind the action, and most of the time he was at the track, not just watching a TV monitor.

    John Smailes and Will Hagon are supremely knolwedgeable in the sport, listen to Will's ABC radio stuff and see what I mean. Will is out of favour on TV because of the network's policy of employing their own people.

    I might immodestly say that I did some very nice work behind the mike for a few seasons at Tralee Inteernational Speedway in Canberra in the 80s. This was in the days before advertising slush funds and scripted cover-ups, of course. I used to get to the track 2 hours before the meeting and interview every single competitor in the pits, find out about their latest results, their current machinery and personal information about which the crowd might be interested. It worked.

    And, yeah, Huewen and Ryder were nuts, but every bt as exciting as the racing......
  8. The last GP was especially bad, i too wondered if i was watching the same race!!

    The only aussie commentator i enjoy listening to is Neil Crompton. Hes not afraid to tell it how it is and knows what hes talking about.

    His passion for motorsports is always apparent and hes always got his notepad and pen handy to crunch all the numbers :)

    Pity he doesnt have more experience/interest in the bike...
  9. I agree with both Spud Gun and Mik84 the foxtel commentary on Sunday made me wonder at times too, fortunately I was not relying on it. The "absolutely flying" bit has gone past wearing too thin. Can someone please tell him.

    I think it must be a very difficult job to do though, to try and fill the gaps in some otherwise boring patches and to pay attention all the time - I am sure I couldn't do it. I do miss Keith and Julian though, they were frequently wrong - but somehow through the fits of laughter and their enthusiasm for Foggy - it was all okay somehow - I really enjoyed listening to them.

    I was very fond of Barry Sheene but apparently he used to watch the races beforehand take notes and then give us that special insight when it came time to broadcast at some ungodly hour on Channel 10.

    Will Hagon gives me a pain. Can't stand him. The famous "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls" bit at the GP at PI always makes me want to be ill. However he is nowhere near as bad as Darryl Eastlake. I have a personal dislike for Beattie, which has nothing to do with commentary - just that he was terribly rude to a friend of mine and I have never forgiven him that - and plus I think he is boring and sometimes gets it wrong which is hard to overlook when you are as boring as he is.

    I was surprised to see that Slapper Bracks got the gig for commentary - but apart from the fact that he has no simpatico with the other bloke - I have heard far worse.

    The only real commentary I have enjoyed, apart from Keith and Julian, was a bloke, Doug Jukes, who used to do some local rounds. Dougie was great, he used to know what everyone was riding, where they were and what they were doing and everyone got mentioned.

    I haven't minded listening to Peter Goddard he isn't inspiring but he knows his stuff as well.
  10. I don't have foxtel but i can't stand any of the channel ten commentators.

    Bill Woods doesn't know shit and always comes up with useless/pointless comments

    Beattie is the best of the bunch but he's pretty damm boring expecially when your watching at 1:00am

    Neil Crompton always make obvious comments that every can see with their own eyes "NO SHIT NEIL!!!" is a common saying when the racing is on here.

    Greg Rust, well greg rust is just a wanker

    The only commentators i like are the british guys who do the F1 commentry sometimes (Don't know their names)
  11. Barry Sheene was the best, called it like he saw it.

    Julian & Keith were great except for their love of FOGGY!!

    Neil Crompton ok

    I thought Adam Krusty Ferguson did a great job of it on ch10 a few weeks ago

  12. My favourite is the camera men who do the starting grid in the World Super Bikes =P~ =P~ =P~
  13. You are such a boy!! :LOL: :LOL: My husband enjoys that bit too. Camera man doesn't leave much to the imagination. :shock: Being a girl I would appreciate a bit more footage of some of the riders.
  14. Krusty commentated extremely well the other week for someone who probably isnt used to it.

    Rusty and Beattie do a good job I think, Rust does come up with some obvoius comments sometimes, but I bet it wouldnt matter who was commentating the race, one of you blouses would still find something to whinge about :wink:
  15. Ouch, I've never been called a girls blouse before ;)

    Greg Rust, It's not his comments, it's the total nob head outfit he wears at the V8 supercars. Like he's dressing up to look cool when all he looks like is a prat.

    Crompton has some useful insights and knows his stuff.

    Beattie is knowledgeable but his drab monotone delivery is just tedious.

    Will Hagan I have to agree, whilst knowing his racing, does tend to patronise, esp at PI.

    Rob Phillis(?) trackside commentary at PI pretty woeful. I'd never heard of him till I moved here, but the way he talks, I wondered how I'd managed to miss him.

    On Foxtel, 'The Chin' (can't remember his name) and Magoo are very good. Magoo is calm, knows his stuff and is pretty even handed with his praise and sledging.

    Commentating is a hard job, that's why not just anyone should be doing it.

    I think I'm the only person who doesn't like Murray either.
  16. I used to race motocross (scrambles) with Neil Crompton in the 70's, so he does have motorcycle interest & some knowledge.
  17. That surprises me Cliff :p :wink:
  18. John, you are more catty than a catty cat. I am hurt, wounded, devastated with this comment. I think I am going to go have a cry now...
  19. Who me? :shock: