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aussie lingo - help please

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. gday all. i've been asked to do some presentation skills coaching for two young (early 20s) chinese boys who work for a client of mine. problem is, they've only been in oz a coupla years and frankly they need to get their heads around some basic australian business culture and australian-english first.

    today i introduced them to the 'tall poppy syndrome' concept and taught them the word 'w*nk*r' (with hand gesture :jerk: ). I told them not to use this word in the workplace :wink: One of them also kept repeating me every time i used the phrase "great stuff" and i gather he was storing it away for future use :LOL:

    this made me think that for our next session i should put some phrases together for them. i'm splitting the list into business language and non-business.

    given that all i can think of is sleep at the moment, here's the list i've started. any thoughts, suggestions or ideas greatly appreciated. thx, c x


    Back of Bourke
    Chuck a wobbly
    Fair call
    Fair crack o’ the whip
    Good on ya
    Not a drama
    No worries
    No wuckers
    Oxygen thief
    Pain in the arse
    Pain in the neck
    She’ll be apples
    She’ll be right
    Spit the dummy
    Sweet revenge
    That blows
    That sucks
    Two fifths of five eighths
    Up themselves
    Veg out

    BUSINESS: (this list is a mix of commonly used business language plus some australian coloquialisms)

    Account Manager (AM)
    Big cahoona
    Business Development Mgr (BDM)
    Business Unit Manager (BUM)
    Competitive edge/advantage
    Core competencies
    Customer focus
    Ins and outs
    Integrated solution
    Leadership Development Program (LDP)
    Learning on the fly
    Management Development Program (MDP)
    On the same page
    One-up manager
    Organisational agililty
    Pros and cons
    Role model
    Sharpen the pencil
    Silo mentality
    Singing from the same hymn book
    Strategic agility
    Strategies versus tactics
    Stretch goals
    Time horizon
    Wing it
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    WIP meeting
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  3. Hehe. I remember the good ole' days of learning Aussie slang as an international student. Here's some from the Monash website:

    * Arvo (eg. see you this arvo) - See you this afternoon.
    * Aussie Rules - Australian Rules Football
    * Barbie (eg. Slap it on the barbie) - Cook it on the barbecue (BBQ).
    * Barrack (eg. Which team do you barrack for?) - Which team are you supporting/cheering for?
    * Bathers - Swimwear
    * Beaut/Beauty (eg. you beaut; beauty mate) - That's fantastic!
    * Bikkies - Biscuits
    * Bloke - A man
    * Bloody Oath - Absolutely!
    * Bludger - Someone who is lazy; does little
    * Bring a Plate - Bring a plate of food (to a party or gathering, similar to pot luck)
    * Broke (eg. I'm broke.) - I have no money.
    * BYO - Bring your own (beverage/food, to a restaurant, party or gathering)
    * Crikey - Wow! That's amazing!
    * Cuppa (eg. Would you like a cuppa?) - Would you like a cup of tea/coffee?
    * Dag (eg. He's a dag) - He's such a funny person. OR He's unfashionably dressed.
    * Dinky-di - The real thing; genuine
    * Dob (eg. Don't dob on me.) - Don't inform or tell on me.
    * Fair-dinkum - 100% true; the real thing; genuine
    * Footy - See Aussie Rules (above)
    * For crying out loud! - Oh, for goodness sake!
    * Freebie (eg. Are there any freebies?) - Something which is free; at no cost; often a bonus.
    * G'day - Good day (or hello), how are you?
    * Give me a break! - Please stop! (usually a term of disbelief: eg. stop trying to fool me)
    * Give me a tic / a sec - Just a moment please
    * Good on ya mate - Great work; well done (to a friend)
    * Grog - Alcohol
    * Hard yakka - Hard work, often refers to physical labour
    * How're you goin'? - How are you? How are things with you?
    * I'll shout you - I'll pay for yours (often meals or drinks at shared occasions)
    * Keep out of mischief - Stay out of trouble.
    * Knock (eg. Don't knock him, he's OK.) - to put down or belittle someone
    * Like water off a duck's back - cast aside; (the issue/problem) doesn't bother me
    * Lollies - Candies/Sweets
    * Mate - Friend
    * No worries - It's alright; no problem.
    * On the dole - Unemployed, but receiving social welfare payments/benefits.
    * Prezzie (eg. I gave her a prezzie.) - A present or gift.
    * Pub (eg. After work, we're going to the pub.) - A hotel bar; short for ‘public' bar.
    * Reckon (eg. I reckon this is good.) - I think; my opinion is
    * See you later/Catch you later - Bye for now.
    * Shonky (eg. Shonky deal) - Not right; questionable; unethical; unprofessional
    * Stubbie - A single-serve bottle of alcohol (usually beer).
    * Stubbie holder - Cold drink/beer holder (often made from flexible wetsuit material)
    * Thongs (or Flip Flops) - Open shoes, like Japanese slippers.
    * Too right! - Absolutely! Most definitely!
    * VB - Victoria Bitter, a brand of beer.
    * Wimp (eg. stop being a wimp) - Stop being so afraid of everything - take up a challenge.
    * You'll be right / She'll be right - It'll be OK. Get over it, move on.

    Also try this link: http://www.monash.edu.au/lls/llonline/quickrefs/10-australian-slang.xml

    And a guide on working with students from China. http://www.monash.edu.au/lls/China/
  4. thanks guys - i'd already had a look at these. i guess i'm really after additional stuff that people actually use and that they're genuinely likely to come across in day in 'n' day out working life... stuff that YOU find yourself using often.... mind you, there's some in the monash list there that i hadn't included that do get used heaps. thx chengaleng.
  5. Who doesn't say "drier than a dead dingo's donger"???

    Oh, and don't forget "Geddadogupya!!" (Get a dog up you), I say that one all the time too...
  6. yeah, forgot about that
    WTF? :LOL:
    sounds like fun?!?
    think i'll leave that to find out from their mates
    good idea - they're bound to hear that and wonder
    also leave to their mates
    fair call
    i'll have to look this up :grin:
  7. Barry Crocker = Shocker
    Pooftienth, engineering term for bees dick
  8. gotta love when we use slang on top of slang :grin:

    Barry Crocker = Shocker = to have a bad go at something

    how are you going to explain that and how to reverse engineer our rhyming slang?
  9. fair suck of the sav.
  10. Head Honcho? Not sure if it's an Aussie term though. :oops:
  11. bees dick =gnats knacker =very small indeed. :grin:
    Then there's all the OTHER ones. (Have to say them out loud) Not really slang, just a way of getting away with swearing.
    Far Canal (I hope they do)
    Far Cough
    whale oil beef hooked :grin: :LOL:
    Sofa King
    and to spell it....If You See Kay (say hi to her from me)
    Yes I know, I'm very childish. I'm like seven.
    What about the trends the kids go through, like saying 'like' all the time....and I was like, ewww.
    Sik. Fully sik dude. My kids tend to make their own....'sudsy it up' - get on the piss, grog, turps, etc. (think the real term is alcohol....don't know much about this stuff)
  12. Strange, when I posted my last reply there where zero replys ... then I just came back then and there where plenty of people who had posted before me.

    Stupid forum :(
  13. pirates are quick :LOL:
  14. Couple more...
    Sweeeeet................. (OK, alright, acceptable)
    Too easy.............(No problem, easily done)
    TFE......................(Very Easy.....)
  15. what about:

    crackin' the sh!ts
    gettin' blind
  16. Oooh, almost forgot:

    No Wuckas mate!!! - That won't be a problem at all sir.
  17. youve had a birthday :) you were acting like only 6 last weekend :p
  18. c'mon guys what about bogan we can forget the great aussie mullet wearing battler choffing down a pack of winnie blues, while having a schooner yarning with his mates how he pulled this shella that was grouse