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Aussie Kawasaki Website - The worst?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Mkey, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Sorry, But I have to get on my soap box for a moment.

    But does anyone else think Kawasaki's Australian site is a very poor effort and very much out of date.
    Poor design, poor information, old pictures, The whole layout and setup is just awful, no pricing, very limited specs, poor navigation.
    No contact Information, The option's page is just the worst to navigate and use.

    They can't be winning any customers with this crap website when people are comparing to sites like Yamaha or Honda
    (Aussie websites only I'm referring to)

    I just bought a Kwaka GPX250 today, But there website did certainly not impress me in way, shape, or form.

    Ok, Rant over now :p
  2. totally agree with you! :mad:

    the official Kawasaki website contains has lack of information, seems like they don't really give a sh*t about their potential customers.

    Congrat on your purchase! did you buy brand new or second hand? GPX250R is very good value for money! :)
  3. yep, saw it the other day, piss poor.
  4. Yeah I've thought that for a while. :) Still what can you do about it? Hey man if they give me a call I'll do it for them for free... well maybe for a ZX10R. :grin: Not a big ask. :)
  5. It's because at Kwakasaki they are putting all their money and expertise into developing a bike that can win races........

    I live a sorry life......been waiting all these years for the Scraggers to win a premiership and Kwaka to win Superbike Manufacturers Championship. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. I agree, that site is a disgrace. I've seen one-person operations produce sites with more attractive look, better features and more content. For a mega-corporation it is poor beyond belief, people responsible for this one should be falling on their swords.

    Mind you, I'm not a big fan of Honda's site either. One picture per bike, and the detail descriptions that refuse to scroll in my browser... sheesh.
  7. That's because Kawasaki-san knows his customers would be out riding and not browsing the Internet :eek:
  8. the site mirrors the quality of their bikes? :LOL:

    I don't even know if kawa's are good or not, it just seemed funny
  9. .........and you're here then........why? :p :LOL:

    I agree, in the market they are in it is a very sub standard site. None of the bike sites have a good images gallery per bike. Don't they understand that people looking on the net are after this more than anything else?
  10. Suzuki's one has a few pics. Or did you just discount that because it's they're Suzukis?

    You do have to realise how small the market is out here. Sure, it's growing - but it's still fairly insignificant compared to international markets. Kawasaki Australia isn't a 'mega corporation', by any stretch. ;)
  11. Hmmmmm, doesn't look THAT bad to me. I've seen worse.
  12. Yeah you're right about Suzuki, I was thinking of their old site, and yeah, if I want detailed pics of the Suzuki I like I'II just go out to the garage :grin:

    They don't need to be a mega corporation to have a good website, they pay for racer sponsorships and many forms of advertising, the cost of a couple of pages of web content is bugger all really. I'm sure we could all rattle off a list of way better websites from much, much smaller companies.
  13. Yes it is shocking. The ZX14 still has specifications coming soon. Its been out 6 months here now. :? And the rest of the site is so outdated. The other big 3 are all spot on..
  14. Or maybe they realise that buying a bike is all about getting your bum on the seat and taking it for a ride, so why waste money on tyre kickers?

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. EVERYONE is a tyre kicker at some stage before they decide on which bike to buy. They should view every website user as a potential purchaser. There are MANY impulsive motorbike purchasers out there, a good website could easily sway some of these people to your products before they set foot in a dealership.
  16. *Double post (please delete)
  17. Exactly, and don't forget that not everyone in the country lives within close proximity to a motorcycle dealer, or the dealers don't keep new bikes on display. Without a decent working website how are they supposed to keep track of what models are/aren't available. And if anyone thinks they're not an important share of the market remember that dirt and ag bikes do outsell road bikes each year.
  18. :shock: MattyB - We know where you live, your talking about the one i love :)
  19. It does need an update, it seems to not render correctly in FF 2.0 either.