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Aussie Farmers Direct - The Milkman's Back!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flipper, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. I thought I would share with everyone this great new company that brings back the milkman.
    Dave and I have been using this service for a few weeks now and find it great.
    You can find more info on their web site
    It's not Aussie wide yet but I don't doubt that it will be in time.
    Who else uses this service?

    Taken from their website:

    Aussie Farmers Direct is a FREE home delivery service providing 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED fresh products.

    Our range of fresh goods include – MILK, BREAD, EGGS, and FRESH ORANGE and APPLE JUICE. Products are delivered to your door twice weekly, before 7am ensuring freshness. Prices are very competitive and quality of produce is unsurpassed.
    Support the Aussie Farmers.

    The majority of fresh milk and bread sold in supermarkets in Victoria are now foreign owned. Likewise, almost all orange and apple juice are either foreign owned or contains imported concentrate.

    When you buy Australian owned you are protecting our future by :
    - Keeping the profits in Australia
    - Creating jobs for Australians
    - Helping Australian farmers
  2. We used to use the "breakfast Milk company" or whatever they were called.

    Service was pathetically shit!!!!!

    We had 9 litres delivered every tue & friday and they barely ever got it right.
    Milk wasnt delivered, wrong qty's delivered, wrong product delivered, suffice to say we gave them the boot and gave Daisy a rest :)
  3. A few of the girls from work use this service and love it. Pity they don't deliver to my area.
  4. Bugger about that Vic.
    I can say that Aussie Farmers Direct have not made 1 boo boo and we have been getting 2 litres of milk, 1 loaf of white bread and 1 loaf of multi Grain delivered every Saturday and Wednesday morning for 3 weeks now :)
  5. YET!!! ;)
  6. Country Breakfast, thats what their name was.

    Complete malakas ;)
  7. We had something like this up here with who ever it was a few years back.

    3 things killed them off pretty quick.

    1: The summer heat killed off your milk, juice, etc pretty quick. Even though delivered in those chill packs.

    2: Not a good time during tourist season, many orders went walking.

    3: They over priced themselfs out of buisness.
  8. These prices are actually cheaper than the milkbars. About the same as supermarket prices.
  9. Good to see :grin:

    There's been a large increase in readily available farm produce with the amount of 'farmers markets' that are now in operation around the place.
    Glad someone is cottoning onto the idea of delivery - altho' Green Line have done it for a few years - but solely organic based (which increased the price & not always local)

    I shop for very little at the supermarket now as obtain nearly all my food items - including coffee, chocolate & fresh meat for the dogs direct from producers now :wink:

    Fresh local farm produce - gotta be a good thing for the economy & healthy :)