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Aussie F1GP thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Yep, it starts tomorrow morning for the next 4 days :roll:

    I'll be there as usual (why do I do it) and this will be year 22 out of 23 for me :shock:

    So who's going?? I know Vic will be swanning around as usual wearing out his feet & shoes, I'm playing Flaggie but not saying where.

    I'll have my camera with me but don't expect much chance to take any photo's but if I do I'll post links to the good one's on Monday as I wont have time to log in over the 4 days by the time I get home each night..

    What do you guys think of the night race idea Ron Walker is pushing at the moment??

    My thoughts are -> :rofl:

    It aint going to happen just think of the electricity bill (then again Ronnie wants to build a Nuclear Power Station!!), my tip is that when the current contract runs it's course, after the GP, in 2010 it will end up in a Middle Eastern country that out bids us for the right to run a GP.
  2. I reckon we won't get it back after 2010. It will go to some oil rich Country.

    We'll have to Vote Jeff Kennett in so he wins Melbourne the A1GP :rofl:

    But yes, I will be there, clocking up 10+km each day walking up and down pitlane ;)

    Good thing this year is that there is only 1 pit straight walk for the ferrals.

    The same amount of pit lane walks for the spoilt brats though :)
  3. Unfortunately I have to attend again this year, I'll be forced to sit in a corporate marquee eating and drinking somebody elses goodies ... god I hate my life :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Which Marquee?
  5. I'll be with the Owens-Illinois group.
  6. yep, i'll be there - as always. alone - as always :LOL: i'll probably just do race day this year. love to hook up with anyone else going. maybe we could go for an early morning ride then head in to albert park???

  7. yep !
    New South Wales !!!!

    Street circuit around Homebush Bay !
  8. ...or a lap of the carpark at Pancakes on The Rocks at Northmead.....
  9. Anywhere, where there is an overtaking oportunity would be better then Albert park
  10. jeez, you're hard to please, ibast; the pits stops are for overtaking, didn't you know that?? Overtaking on the track is strictly forbidden, and the car regulations are specifically framed to prevent it :roll:.
  11. I survived the weekend and will type up a longer post once I get some time later today.
  12. Day 1 = 13km
    Day 2 = 17km
    Day 3 = 13km
    Day 4 = 17km

    Saw a lot of the drivers, some to some, saw a lot of Celebs, spoke to Kevin Muscat for a while, couldn't be bothered with all of the others.

    Erin McNaught isn't that good looking without the aid of photoshop ;)

    We had a pretty good year this year, minimal people being in the wrong spot so little to do in the way of security :grin:

    Had heaps of people take a complimentary walk through pit lane this year ;)

    Not what you know, it's WHO you know :grin:
  13. The Ferraris didn't seem to be having much trouble passing others?
  14. I must admit it was a better year then most. I havn't been keeping up with the formula change in the last couple of years, but the cars looked like they had much less aero then previously.
  15. You must have pretty high standards Vic, I had a chat with Erin out at Sandown on Thursday and she seems to be a very attractive and articulate young lady to me.


    Arrived at 6:30am on Thursday and was asked to go out to Sandown to assist with the Celebrity Training so a bunch of us hopped into a couple of Taragos and drove out to Sandown. Nice food and we only had to be trackside for about 2.5 hours and spent the rest of the time sitting around in air conditioned comfort enjoying the food laid out :) Got to chat with several of the Celeb's and found Shane Jacobson (aka Kenny) is exactly the same as his on screen character.

    The only action at Sandown was Daniel McPherson slapping the wall out of Turn 4 and then having the right front suspension try to fall out of the car at Dandy Road a bit further along the track. Got back to Albert Park at 3pm and walked out to my post at Turn 8. I was originally posted to Turn 6 but got changed to fill a hole created by someone not turning up. I did go for a wander down pit lane well after the racing was finished but it would've been well after Vic knocked off for the day so I didn't bother to try and find him to say hello.

    The next three days were pretty quiet with no real action to speak of in the turn 7-8 part of the track I could see and overall there wasn't the usual car destroying crashes we usually have at Albert Park. The most interesting thing was to watch the passing parade of spectators entering and leaving the circuit over the course of each day.

    After the GP was run and won we had our usual volunteers after party and it's always fun going to a free all you can eat & drink affair and watch other people get wasted.

    Will I be back next year? Probably but if it goes to a night race I might reconsider depending on the total number of hours involved.
  16. Its exciting to be at the GP, although mainly because of all the boobie girls, rich people and boobie girls. Surely it's a dying sport, they've been inflating the TV rating figures for years and I'm surprised they can get 90 million people to turn the telly on for this dubious spectacle.

    The in-car camera shots are very exciting and show the amazing skill of the drivers wrestling those superfast go-karts around the track - and the technology is incredible. Sadly it's just boring as a sport, there's just so little fighting. The same old complaints, procession not a race etc.

    If it's such a world famous sport, why can't it sustain itself for a race without an injection of tens of millions of dollars each year from the state government? Now they want to move it to a night race. Who's going to pay for that? Adelaide can have it back, it's a waste of time.
  17. How does one go about getting a foot in the door as a vol
  18. I watched the race in the luxury of my own home. it's so boring until someone has a crash, :eek: passing someone is not an easy task in F1 at Albert Park, I will stick to watching bikes.

    As Loz said, give it back to Adelaide, we have blown enough money on this event.
  19. Yeah, I dunno. People have been saying this for years, but it seems to me there is more money these days for lesser teams then there was in the past. So surely there's money coming from somewhere.

    Still any rule changes that wind back the money spent by teams, but at the same time encouraging interesting developments, would be good for the sport. It must be a fine line to walk.

    As to state governments injecting money, well that's only part of the account. The total economic sum is that which includes money spent outside the event. It's kind of a state run work for the dole scheme. The money doesn't disappear, it eventually gets re-spent.

    Maybe the respective state governments could show some initiative and share the event from year to year.
  20. You using less tape measure around the waist now after all that? :grin: