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Aussie equivalent of Play.com or Amazon

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TarmacSamurai, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. In the UK and US there are sites like Play.com and Amazon that have all DVDs and CDs and books, etc. with release dates, pre-order options and all that stuff.

    Is there anything equivalent in this country?

  2. I've never looked. For $10 postage I just use amazon. I often find that even with the postage it is cheaper than I can get it in the shops here anyway.
  3. Agreed. Although for things like xbox games amazon wont post them to here due to differing classifications and the like. As unbelievable as it sounds Australia has more harsher censorshipping in games than the UK.

    Playasia is good for games , they ship here and take paypal. Not used them for anything else though.

    I looked some time ago and couldnt find anything as good as Amazon in Aus.
  4. That was the site I was going to suggest. Used them a few times, recommend them.
  5. Thanks all - looks like we have a few options for books, DVDs and games. Booktopia.com.au is a good one for books - all Aussie owned and run too, so good for the economy! :)
  6. I wouldn't order anything from there these days. They went into receivership in December and there have been too many stories about orders and gift cards no longer being honoured. Unless you are picking up a DVD thats in stock in one of their remaining retail outlets that hasn't been closed, I wouldn't order from them!
  7. +1 for Booktopia.

    They got the last Jim Butcher novel to me before it was released in Oz. :grin:

    They'll be getting the next one as well.
  8. I didn't think it was receivership (if that means liquidation), I thought they were merged or bought out by someone else, but were still operating.... these stories from the horses mouth, or Chinese whispers?
  9. No - highly publicised event

    As per google
  10. Right, Well there ya go... I got an email from them (deleted now of course) to say that they were becoming someone else, and I still get newsletters, dunno why 4 months down the track they're still operating then... saying that i'd prob still buy from them...