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Aussie Dollar is so strong, what's everyone buying for the bike?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SnOOkered, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Just curious, may prompt ideas... What's everyone considering buying from the US considering the record high US dollar exchange rate?

    I'm now seriously looking into the PCIII :)
  2. Some Denali driving lights for the giant mechanical cat, perhaps -

    Though now that I'm living in Brisbane, my night riding on trafficless/unlit roads is essentially zero. Would have been really useful back in W'gong.
  3. Hey mate I just got a new front sprocket -1 and my speedo is out by HEAPS! I wanted to get a speedohealer too. Can you let me know how it goes?
  4. alpinestars mx-1 leather pants
  5. Forget the US$: the exchange rate to the Pound Sterling gets a much better deal :) I'm getting at least 10% off purchases from the UK, even after postage/freight costs :beer:
  6. Forget the US$: the exchange rate to the Pound Sterling gets a much better deal :) I'm getting at least 10% off purchases from the UK, even after postage/freight costs :beer:

    (The euro rate is also very good for BMW parts, etc, and European built helmets)
  7. Got 2.5 hours left on my ebay auction.. once sold I'll be buying:

    Carbon fibre/black silencer (probs Two Bros) with midpipe.
    Single seat cowling
    Light smoke DB windscreen

    Already purchased recently in anticipation to this :p :
    5" GPS that mounts on the triple tree
    12V mini air compressor for doing tyre pressures at home, REALLY don't trust the digital pumps at servos, had some bad experiencese..
    17 button mouse for my lappy (totally necessary...)
    600w yokohama amp, 12" sony xplod sub and 2 sony 6x9's for my laptop's sound system (again TOTALLY necessary, and sounds epic)

    And now I'm just having fun slowly unboxxing each one as it arrives.

    I also still don't have a job and can barely afford to eat but WHEE ITS CHRISTMAS

    I've been thinking of getting one of those cheap ebay "key chain" cameras too but knowing me I won't have the memory or motivation to keep the battery charged and wipe the memory constantly..
    If anyone knows of a cheap camera like this which can constantly record and just overwrite previous data as it goes, please let me know.
    Then the power source can be from the bike eliminating battery issues, and if something amazing (or amazingly bad) occurs I can download the video straight after.
  8. :-s

  9. Bought a second hand front wheel from the UK shipped to my door for 40% cheaper than what I can get from the wreckers here...got to love the strong aussie dollar at the moment :D.
  10. [​IMG]

    For most people, it'd just be for show off and novelty.. However I borrowed one from a mate for a couple days and was able to make use of nearly every button in certain games.
    It saves that vital few tenths of a second that it takes to reach your hand across and press a key when you can just do it with your thumb.

    Also its pretty :angel:
    And my touchpad is broken so I needed to buy some kinda mouse
  11. I've picked up a one piece leather suit. I'm still on my L's but I figured it's not always we see such a favourable exchange rate so get it now while it lasts. I'll also be ordering some wet weather gear in a few weeks.
  12. Sounds like the perfect accessory for the kind of guy that has 4 different LCD screens and sixteen logical cores to play WoW. :p

  13. 8-[ 2 LCD's... 2 cores

    Centrelink wont pay enough for an i7 and I preferred a core2duo over anything i5 or lower
  14. haha that mouse looks like a novelty phone... :p

    how much it setting you back?

    PS.. anyone seen any real bargains on back protectors?
  15. wasn't planning on buying anything due to being too broke for the things i really want, but decided my brake lines are 18 years old and need to be replaced. with braided line.

    it's odd, i bought these from the UK for $40 cheaper than THEIR aussie supplier could sell them..... idiots.....
  16. I purchased a pair of Sidi Vertigos from kneedraggers.com in the US a few days ago, I just looked at a UK site and could have got them 10 bucks cheaper, oh well!

    got them for $380 all up, beats paying $550 locally, nearly a saving of $200 :/

    whats the rules on tax etc? is it only if the items value is above $1000 AUD?

    Also I found a website in the US that does free international shipping, but they didnt stock Sidis.
  17. link please