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Aussie Celebrities Who Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gobbledegeek, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Can anyone name any Australian celebs who ride?

  2. Mick Doohan. :p


    Steve Bisley (the actor) rides. I think maybe Larry Emdur too.
  3. Vanessa Amorosi
    Eric Bana (had a great little session with him at a Phillip Island track day once, he was on a black Ducati 996)
  4. Tara Moss, Larry Emdur, Russel Crowe, Tim Webster and there's one or two others but I'm hopeless with names.
  5. LOL. You never fail to amuse brother.

    Brendan Jones.
  6. I've seen Singo on his Augusta up at the Mt White cafe a many moons ago!
  7. I know a whole heap of NRL players that ride
  8. names bro
  9. Menzies (ex Manly Sea Eagles) has a butt ugly chopper, and I think a Duke 1198S too.
  10. merrick from nova (merrick and rosso show)

    Russell Crowe
  11. brendan nelson
  12. i've seen ackermanis (footy player) at a trackday at PI.
  13. Ros Noble lives here now.
  14. Returned to the UK last month apparently.

    Thanks for the list so far....
  15. Keith Urban.
    Saw Brad Fitler (rugby league) doing the earlier L's course before mine. Saw Brendon Nelson at a motorbike show.
  16. sam burgess rides a mopehead
  17. Tara Moss rides? What a babe!!


    I just found some pics!!!




  18. Mark Phillipousos
    Paul Mercurio
    Pro Hart
    Eric Bana
    Hugh Jackman
  19. I'd question whether anyone who really rides would let so much unsecured long hair stick out from under a lid. Not more than once, anyway.