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Aussie Barbarian V8

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RacingTurtles, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. We might not be a country renowned for its bike manufacturing, but it seems Australia produces its share of interesting projects. A few months ago we had Supersqualo: racing bike developed by a Western Australian company, based on a turbocharged Ducati engine. This time I give you the Barbarian V8, from Queensland - a very different kind of bike, but equally mad in a way! This is a huge (HUGE!) cruiser with a Chevy V8 engine... and it is road legal! Yep, fully ADR compliant, which I think is an amazing achievement for what appears to be basically one guy working out of his garage.
    Anyway, check out the specs:
    engine: V8, 5.7l
    power/torque: 246kW/542Nm
    dry weight: 430kg
    transmission: there's a manual clutch, but only one gear. Sure, with 542Nm, who needs gears?

    Just for a laugh, compare this to Rocket III: 2.3l, 106kW/200Nm, mere 320kg weight... I think from the Barbarian's seat, my CB250 and the Rocket would look pretty much the same :)

    all this and more, starting at about A$60,000 ... place your orders here

  2. Wonder what shes like in the twisty stuff? :shock:
  3. There's a bike in Europe that uses the 502 cu in with 502 hp Ford Boss big block and a 3 speed gearbox (2 forward and reverse) pushing 500Kg making the 350 look small.
  4. Yeah, there are a few bikes like that. There's Boss Hoss which could be the one you're talking about except it is American, and there is a German project called Gunbus, the absolute monster that originally was going to use tyres from Boeing 767, though they sourced something else by now, and another German one-off using a BMW car engine, that was featured in Two Wheels a few months back.

    But I think these things (I hesitate to even call them bikes!) are just too much. Too heavy, too crazy, and just plain too ugly. Barbarian is large, but almost sane in comparison, it just looks like a big cruiser rather than oversized heap of parts stuck on two wheels. It was a good move to dispense with the gearbox - for one thing, it makes the wheelbase shorter, keeping proportions sane, for another it limits the chances of the rider blown off the road by torque steer. I saw a vid clip of Boss Hoss taking off in a hurry, and it can't even keep in a straight line - it just zig-zags all over the road when he takes off, and again when he changes gears... that's just silly.
  5. That's the one.

    There was also an air cooled 500cc V8 that Guzzi made many moons ago.

    There's plenty of interesting things out there, just gotta look arounds a bit.

  6. They reviewed this bike on Top Gear and compared it to a Corvette. I remember the test rider saying that if you go slower than 30km around a corner then you'd run the risk of it falling over. I think that anwers it!
  7. I always find it funny that most of these american v-8 bikes are based on the chevy engine.

    If you were really serious about making a bike out of a v-8 you would use the old Holden/Oldsmobile engine, or better still (because of size not elegence) the Ford windsor v-8. Both are smaller and lighter then the chevy engine.

    A 289 or 302 windsor with a set of alloy heads would be pretty much the same size and weight as a Honda Valkyrie.
  8. The boss hoss is bigger, naturally enough. It's got a 502 ci engine, which makes it about 8.2 litres.

    There was one in our group at the calder park trackday we did. Blinged up from stock too, not a stone left unturned. A complete truck in the corners (duh), but he'd smoke it right up all the way down the straight. He said it had cost him around $100K.

    Got some photos somewhere.

  9. that was a great bike; GP bike if i remember right ... there was a picture floating around of the designer holding the entire engine unit up against his chest, it was so light

    8 cylinders? is that all? theres some crazy european fellow who builds his own projects, starting with his original nine cylinder design, and last i read he worked his way up to 36-odd
  10. There was a bike a few years ago, some mob went into limited production with.

    It was a 1000cc v-8.

    Manelli or something.

    It was kind of a weird looking tourer with a bit of sports.

    The company didn't have a bike background, so it was all bit weird.
  11. Agree completely! It's really a pretty pointless bike as it stands.
    The best option (in my opinion) would be the injected alloy Range Rover V8.
    I'd spend the extra time and transverse mount it too, for a better package.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. There was an Aussie company working on something similar - 750 and 1000cc V8s. The company seems to have gone quiet though, the official website remains unfinished and their temporary one hasn't been updated for a long time. Nice looking bikes though.
    Edit: Oh and if Americans must use a car V8 in a bike I don't know why they don't just use the 3.4L engine from the Ford Taurus SHO - which was developed by Yamaha (same engine that's now being used now in the Volvo XC90 in 4.4L form).
  13. The drysdale bike has developed further then I remember. Last time I read anything they had prototyped the 750 and were considering the 1000 with a possible view to motoGP.

    I assumed it all died in the arse when the 800 formula was brought up.

    I guess thats why they went the monster route.

    Still they would need to get the bike sub-$30k to make it plausible
  14. Funny you should say that, as the guy riding that bike is a good friend of my Dad's. That bike is out of control, smokes the tyres from 40 all the way to 160! He only got 1000 k's to a tyre I think. It looks ridiculously big and the orange flames makes it even wilder!