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Aussie Banker caught on todays news looking at topless girls instead of charts

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Feb 2, 2010.

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    ohhhh hes gone, see his face at the end

    This was on todays news
  2. Hahahaha, He obviously misred the job description. I really hope the poor bastard doesn't get fired.
  3. He was predicting a rise!!!
  4. That's hilarious!
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  6. Checking the assets.
  7. He's really smart....even turns around to identify himself!!! Idjot
  8. lol. its so dumb it has to be a practical joke
  9. He is going to experience a whole new level of being given shit I reckon.
  10. Interest is definetely rising on those assets but overtime there'll be a bit of deflation and interest will go down
  11. i haven't received that email, someone care to pass it along
  12. I couldn't watch them. I think they already deleted the vids.
  13. Haha what a laugh. It looked setup though and as if the guy meant it. No banana man the action is too small to see. Plus my pc at work has no speakers.
  14. Poor bugger was clicking through the attachment list of an email. lol

    How desensitised is this guy to openly check NSFW attachments in an open plan office??
  15. I don't know how 'NSFW' the pics are. They are about 'everywhere' on websites, news ones included. (All?) the pics are at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbi...anda-Kerr-strips-sexiest-photo-shoot-yet.html

    I can't see dailymail being NSFW material? :) :busting:
  16. Undii, topless pictures are absolutely NSFW at my workplace and every workplace that follows standard workplace equal opportunity regulations. That's why nudey pics have been pulled down from every progressive workplaces locker room.

    At the ATO, a person who receives such emails can get a permanent mark on their record whether they open the email or not - now that is bloody unfair.
  17. I had a mate the Vic Govt fired for sending an email he got but didnt check aal the pics on himself
  18. and I knew a guy that got fired for sending sex oriented jokes. In that case though one of the intended recipients had forwarded their email to another person while they were on vacation and that person had a problem with it.

    This guy might not get fired only because it'll make headlines if he does .. then again he might get fired because of the same thing. As I understand it companies take the perspective that if they are taken to court for this (by someone that has been offended by it) they must show that their actions directly relate to their policies and do not allow what can be contrued as illegal activity. Will be interesting to see what does happen to him in such a public gaff.
  19. well the bloke is saying he was set up, on 1 of the pics, it said "NOW TURN AROUND" which he did do, someone dosnt like him or he got the ultimate office prank