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Aussie Aprilia RS 125 Help.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by AhrimaaN, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, does anyone out there know a lot about the aussie issue RS 125's?

    I have a beautiful 2004 (apart from a couple of scratches I caused on a fairing from a garage drop - waaaaaaaaaa! - bring that up in another post) and I'm struggling to find out some little things about it such as whether it is restricted or not. Some say all the aussie models are unrestricted?!?

    I've read around and I do indeed have the powervalve and solenoid installed, and it does indeed get a bit of a kick around 8krpm. However I'm unsure about the spark plug arrangement and also the jetting situation. It has the standard 28mm Dellorto Carby, which I thought wasn't enough for an unrestricted 125? So I'm almost guessing that perhaps the power valve isn't turned on or plugged in (though the 8-9k kick would suggest otherwise?). I'm going to take it apart today, and hopefully manage to do the CDI derestriction mod at the same time, but am worried about spark/jetting issues. - do I need to rejet/change spark after that - or generally only if I change the exhaust?

    When I bought the bike it had some dodgy denso plug in it which is the same as a BR10 apparently, and I noticed it was rather black and oily and a little carbony - suggesting a rich mixture? So I bought some BR8ES NGK plugs and I think they are running a lot better (supposed to have 8 at restricted power, and 10 at unrestricted - from the manual) The BR8es gets a tan colour electrode which I think is correct.

    Now I'm curious as to what this means for my bike being restricted or not. If I do the CDI mod, do I then need a 10 spark? I've ordered some iridium 10's but after I did that I read on a UK forum that the 10s should only be used in really hot climate weather... which I suppose isnt for about another month or so in Melbourne, or you fang it like a GP racer - which I don't. Otherwise you will be fouling them really fast. The same forum was suggesting that a 9 plug was a good compromise between both hot and cold plugs.

    I'm not confident enough (or crazy?) to attempt to do a plug chop considering I've only been riding for just under 2 months so any advice would be greatly heeded. I suppose I can't go wrong if I'm willing to sacrifice a 10 to see what it runs like?

    Also - this may be a stupid question, but do the stock cans come with a CAT or is that purely a US thing?

    One last question - does anyone know what temp the bike can hit before I start to get worried? I think the hottest I have seen it is around 78 degrees... And I'm a little worried in the coming months at what it might get to... especially in traffic. Does the spark plug effect this at all?
  2. Hmmm one last question...

    I did drop my bike (as per: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=880026#880026 )

    and I dunno whether it is just me but I'm fearful that the bike leans a little too far over to the left on it's own kick stand... and I'm a little scared it has been bent or something?

    Does this look normal?


    Thanks for any help or comments!
  3. The whole picture was taking too long to load so I didnt open it, but from that small thumbnail the lean looks ok. If you're worried, just get someone to hold the bike, pop your head down and look at the stand to see if its bent or the springs are worn etc.
  4. all aussie RS125s are generally unrestricted off the showroom floor. except in some rare cases, where the new owner (or in most cases, his parents) choose to keep it restricted for a few more months. i've got some terrible news for you. there's no choice for you, but to speed-test it. damn, i know.

    with my 78kgs and enough private road i've seen 162 on the speedo. if i remember correctly, the restricted versions only have 11HP, so are lucky to make it to 110. try getting the front up. if i really rev it's sweet little ass off and pop the clutch from standstill i can get the wheel up a couple inches. a restricted version won't even think about wheelies.

    28mm carby is standard on all RS125s. one of the first upgrades owner make is upgrading it to the 34mm (always one or two going on ebay, just remember to buy the port upgrade you need to mount it)

    catalytic converters are standard as well. though i'm dying to know what difference it would make replacing with a full exhaust system

    RS125s are safe up to 114 degrees celsius, according to my user manual. i've never had problems over heating, coming off a motorway into slow traffic or a good, hearty, thrash on a hot summer day will only light up five out of six of the bars on my temp gauge

    the spark plug is easy, i shit you not. do you have your user manual? and the little tool kit that came with your bike under the pillion? i can guide you through, if you don't

  5. I don't think that's normal personally. It looks like you have a shortened kick stand - the bike is sitting well on top of it. I would give it a yank from the left side and see if it wants to pivot on the kick stand or pull across. If it wants to freely pivot then you might have an issue with it going over. Otherwise having greater lean angle when parked is only a good thing, especially on hills!
  6. Thanks for the help guys, Loki, as for the spark plug, I've already replaced it etc. So I know that changing it is easy. What plug are you running on yours? Is yours modded at all? 8, 9 or 10?

    I might see if I can get the front wheel up, it seems a lot safer than trying to hit over 120kph somewhere. I'm a little worried I might kill the clutch or something but if you think reving it to about 8000 and then just harshly dropping it into first is the way to do it (and it will only raise up a couple of inches) then I may as well try it.

    As for the stand, the bike is fairly easy to pivot, but again I am unsure what would be better... a more severe lean into the stand, or a shallower lean which is easier to tip back the other way. Either way I think as long as it isn't out in gale force wind it should be ok? I might just double check to see if there is any movement in the kickstand while I have someone hold the bike up. Times like these I wish I had a paddock stand.

    Unfortunately now that I dropped it I'm having a hard time convincing myself that paying for a new exhaust and a couple other mods is worthwhile. Hmmm
  7. i'm running whichever NGK my mechanic pops into it, not sure which rating. haven't had it to tinker with for a fair while. my bike's standard, but it's currently in the shop getting new sprockets and a chain, with a new ratio to give it a bit more acceleration and less top-speed. first mod i've made, apart from some lashings of carbon

    i'm damn impressed with the gearbox, it's taken all my L- and P- plate thrashing without a problem. keep it in first, dial up a heap of revs and then let the clutch out. it's not really a wheelie bike, i've only gotten the wheel up a couple times.

    if you're going to sell it when you get your next bike, don't mod it. if you're entertaining the idea of starting a small bike collection and holding on to it, go nuts.