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AUS supers at winton. whos going?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by ronin11, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. im thinking of heading up to winton for the weekend that the aus supers are up there.. 22nd of october ish i think.. riding up saturday morning, home sunday after the second race.

    anyone intrested in making the sobbatical with me? also, be my virgin trip to winton.. whats the place like for accomodation. are they happy for me to throw a tent up somewhere or is there somewhere i can grab a hotel for a night or something?
  2. id be in for that.

    my parents live that way, dad might jump on the bike and come for a look too.
  3. I'm planning on going up for that. I'd most likely ride up Friday night and would want to stay till the end of the racing on Sunday. It's only 2hrs back to Melbourne so it's no big deal.

    If I don't go there is no shortage of hotels in Benalla. There's also a caravan park and backpacker's accomodation. If I do go, I can sort some more ideal accomodation for you Dan. :)
  4. If i'm not busy, I'd like to go
  5. And you could always do a Spurs & Whitfield run on the way up ;)
  6. We're an hour from Winton & Benalla, if cant find anywhere to stay, just give us a pm.

  7. I went that way last time.

    May go that way again time dependant.
  8. hmmmm maybe.
  9. as per previous conversations, im in!!
  10. Im hoping on going, I'll see how my social calender pans out in the next couple of weeks.
  11. +1 would love to go
    will see how my skills are going if its bike or cage tho :LOL:

    Does anyone know the admission fees etc ?
  12. I definetly wanna be in on this, especially after just haveing been to my first MotoGP, I'm addicted!!!! :grin:
    Put me down for it, unless I'm in Thursday Island..... :(
  13. the only island worth going to is phillip island.. think of the crocodiles!!! hahaha

    seany.. that'd be awesome man.. let me know.. ill be riding up unless its really shit weather.. and ill be staying till end of sunday races too. otherwise ill be waiting till everyone leaves and setting up a tent somewhere in pitlane i think hahaha.
  14. :shock:
    this is on the same weekend as the pink ribbon ride....
  15. damn.. didnt even think of that caz.. bit of a planning blnder on the motorcycling fraternity too.. go to the pink ribbon ride.. you arent supporting aus sport.. go to the races, you arent doing enough to support australian cancer sufferers.

    im still gunna go to the races, been planning it for a long time. might have to donate a bit more to the pink ribbon foundation on the weekend though.
  16. re Winton Supers

    I'm sure I'll be going since we just live at Benalla. I know sometimes they allow camping at the track and there are heaps of pubs and motels in Benalla.
    If we go it will be myself and mate on 2 Waterbottles. The racing at Winton is fantastic unless it's wet. Would be good to meet some other netriders.
  17. Thinking about this one seriously, might just have to see if I can get out of few things.
  18. Hot off the press from AUSCO, the mob who run the series

    YMF Loan ASC Round Six – Winton Raceway, - Spectator Information --Prepurchase Your Tickets

    2006 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship
    Round Six – Winton Motor Raceway
    Information Package

    WHEN: Friday 20 – Sunday 22 October 2006
    WHERE: Winton Motor Raceway, Benalla, Victoria.

    HOW: Circuit Details

    Length: 3.00 km
    Direction: Clockwise
    Fastest Point: Start straight heading into turn 1, directly in front of corporate area.
    Slowest Point: Turn 9 at the top of the circuit, low gear and low speed approach.
    Spectator Points: The best points to view motorcycle racing include the spectator area at turn 3, the short straight between turns 4 and 5 and the kink between turns 6 and 7 which overlooks the extremely tight and low speed series of corners.


    Tickets for round six of the 2006 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship are available at the gate and cost:

    Friday Entry is Free
    Children under 6 are Free Saturday Adult $20
    Two Day Pass/Sunday Adult $35
    Two Day Pass/Sunday Pensioner $20
    Two Day Pass/Sunday Family (2 adults and 5 children) $50
    Two Day Pass/Sunday Children (6-15) $10
    Collectors Program Only $5

    Unlike other racing events, the 2006 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship has an open pit policy in which individuals can access the pits at any time free of charge. This ensures fans get to view all the action on track and also the hard work and preparation which occurs in the pits.

    Race Program Friday 20 October 2006 Practice (Free)
    Saturday 21 October 2006 Qualifying in the morning with racing to commence after lunch
    Sunday 22 October 2006 Racing to commence at 9am and cease at approximately 4.30pm

    Travel – Driving Instructions
    Winton Motor Raceway is located near Benalla, which is just off the Hume Highway in rural Victoria. Benalla is approximately 200km North-East of the capital city of Melbourne.

    Merchandise and trade displays will also be at the event.

    It is not to late to secure corporate hospitality for the event, with packages still available which includes entry, VIP parking, sit down lunch, access to a giant screen to watch all the on-track action and cash bar facilities.

  19. Shall we?????

    Your turn to send the letters again :)