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Aus Supers 08

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by triple07, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Hi
    Just wondering if many people head down to the Superbikes at Phillip Island from Interstate and what sort of crowd they get there.

    I was down for the Moto Gp and it went off. Wondering if it was similar and if I should get in now for a place to stay etc.

    Worth the trip from Sydney you guys reckon?

    Got to say there was nothing like the ride into the island for the moto gp. Never seen so many bikes and the atmosphere was worth the sore ass alone. Thats a long way on a Speed Triple!

  2. The crowd for the Super bikes averages about half of that for the GP but with a much larger percentage of motorbikes.

    The other thing is that if you arrive on a bike then you can ride into the track and around the outside of the track and park. Makes it lots quicker to get around.

    It's a different, more relaxed atmosphere and to be honest I much prefer the Supers to the GP (although I go to both).
  3. Supers is GREAT.

    There's not quite so many people, so the atmosphere is more casual/less professional, the people are more dedicated riders not just random motorsport fans.

    As an example, at the Supers you are allowed to ride your motorbike
    around the outfield of the track to your viewing spot...
  4. Hey thanks guys. What about accomodation any ideas. I stayed at Druin for Moto GP and it was a fair hike. Is there somewhere cool closer, where do most other people stay?

    Sorry for all the questions but appreciate your help
  5. Accommodation is easier to get for supers than for GP. The same sorts of options exist... a rental house for the weekend, a cabin in a caravan park, a tent on a site in a van park, a tent in the camp ground at the track or a bed and breakfast.

    I would recommend somewhere in Cowes (for the extra atmosphere in the evenings) if possible, but accommodation is cheaper generally elsewhere on the island.
  6. The Supers kick ass. Bring a couch,bbq and an esky full of grog into the track. I rate it better than the GP from an atmosphere point of view.And it's hot dry and dusty :grin:

    Far out bud , Drouin is fookin miles away !!! The Island usually gets booked out but you should be able to stay somewhere fairly close. Google mofo :wink: Kilcunda,Wonthaggi,Weribee it's all good :p
  7. i'll prolly make the trip down, if rosie will have me again :oops:
    c'mon, last time i hadnt slept for 3 days ;) :LOL:
  8. +1
  9. SBK is heaps better always.
  10. wsbk is a far better event.more racing and easier to get around. accomodation not so easy. perhaps try wonthaggi.caravan parks between wonny and the island. I don,t need to worry.the island is only 45 mins from my place. We are spoiled down here.(Doohan) a track day in 2 weeks.
  11. I agree, The SBK weekend kicks arse all over the motogp. Much better weekend, unless you are a tosser, (or cannot decide what to bring for lunch) then stay home.

    As always the campgrounds are THE place to stay.
  12. yeah I'm thinking of heading down to the WSBK next year. :)

    looks awesome and I got an email from "Tribe" saying that members can get tickets to the corperate pass for the 3 days, but it's $600.

    if I can get the money I'll be doing that, else I'll just mosie down anyways