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Aus Superbikes Symmonds Plains - Bike transport

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dave Milligan, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Eddie Garner and I are taking a couple of half empty vans down to Symmonds Plains for the next Aus Superbike round and are wondering if any young guys are looking for cheap transport for their race bikes.

    We'll have our golf clubs on board, cos that's what old blokes do, so there's room for just 4 bikes, some riding gear and spares.

    We can collect bikes from anywhere in the Melbourne metro area on Tuesday 26 or Wed 27 Sept and the bikes will be at Symmonds Plains on Thursday morning. We'll be returning on the Monday evening ferry.

    As long as we cover costs we're happy to help out some of the younger less affluent racers - I can be contacted on 03 9331 0947 or dave@getrouted.com.au
  2. It'll be cheaper (and quicker) if I just ride my bike from Hobart :LOL:
  3. gee Dave, always thought golf was the best way to mess up a good walk.
  4. You and E.G. playing golf? Sounds like binge drinking to me.
  5. Dave, reckon the only playing on a golf course that you and eg will do is at the 19th hole.
  6. Do I detect a hint of jealousy??

    Why don't you SC's join us, it will be a good weekend.
  7. Am going over. Also spending a couple of days at Bicheno with the frog.
  8. We'd planned on doing the same. Hope he's got plenty of spare beds.
  9. Don't wear yourselves out. Only 6 months until "Sound of Thunder"