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[AUS] Shannons now does daily ride

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bendod, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. I just spoke to Shannons on the phone and they said they now insure regular ridden bikes. I asked when this came about and they said as of only this month.

    I went online while I was talking to them but you can’t get quotes for riding more than twice weekly. The woman said the website would be 'updated soon' to allow it.

    I got a policy for $540 27yo on a 250cc which seemed reasonable for riding to work each day.
    They cover up to $3,000 riding gear, plus another $1500 for your pillion

    They’re still pretty fussy about making sure it’s garaged, not on your learners, have to be an enthusiast etc. so won't suit everyone.

    Anyway just a heads up – seems a lot of people have been refused cover for this, even though as enthusiasts for some reason we like to ride more than twice a week.

  2. Don't you also need 5 years riding experience on the same or similar bike?
  3. Shannons wont insure me due to age... apparently you have to be over 30 to be a car/bike enthusiast
  4. I wouldn't really care if Shannon's was half the price of anywhere else.
    When I called them a few years ago, with three other vehicles registered with them, to insure my bike, I was told I wasn't an enthusiast because I rode nearly every day! By definition, that makes me much more of an enthusiast than some middle aged professional wanker who spends his whole weekend polishing his chrome penis for the monthly 10 minute wobbly run to the local pub.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. They can kiss my arse as well.
    After having me on the phone for 20 minutes, not including "Hold" time, and collecting ALL of my Personal Details, I was told that I was not considered an enthusiast because I don't go to meets, subscribe to mags or work on my bike.

    I explained to the c@ck head that (as with many people) because of the kids, the mortgage etc, I'm lucky to have the bike the first place let alone subscribe to mags and go to shows.
    I'm not a mechanic so I don't work on it, besides it's a 2 year old bike that's under waranty so what's to work on? (beside wash, polish etc)

    I f@ckin' love my bike. There's not scratch on it. Moreso, I love it just the way it is. Completely STOCK.

    I guess I'm just not "their kind" of enthusiast. I ride it more that 6 times a year (just) and I don't wank over it in the garage when wifey's not home.

    A bloke I work with has a Harley that he rides maybe 6 times a year and according to him, all he has to do is send them a photo each year and he's right.

    So yep. Even if they were half price they could still kiss my fat white arse.
    (the god of war of finance, may see it differently though :grin: )
  6. I got the same BS response re being an enthusiast and, despite myself being a quite polite fellow about it, the operator had a bit of attitude too - I suspect I was wasting his time. Shannon's can go get broke; I'll give my money to QBE, who have manners.
  7. Haven't dealt with them in regards to bikes, but have with cars. After my experience with them with cars, I wont bother calling them regarding bike insurance (or car insurance again).
  8. Ive got bikes and cars with them. Good price and always cheerful. Wouldnt insure my chrome penis though for some reason.
  9. Actually if you have 12 months riding experience on a similar size bike that you want to insure, that is fine.

    And to most other posts, that's right, essentially what I said in my original post Shannon's won't suit everyone (just like any other insurer)
    Everyone has bad individual experiences, a bruised ego, perhaps a rude operator or you spend too long on a quote. You'll probably get over it eventually. :-({|=
    I've not really heard of any bad claims experiences or systemic problems and that's what counts for me.

    my 2cents
  10. They will insure a $20,000 bomb of a ferrari but not a nice car/bike. Its a joke. And Im not lying about the bomb ferrari bit
  11. You can't push over a Ferrari. Shannons have a very specific client base that they're after (Well, they did) and they go after it exceptionally well.
  12. "insurance for motoring enthusiasts" not "insurance for nice cars"

    Yes clearly that's right. They are obviously different from the market when they select the risk to them by the type of customer they might be, rather than the vehicle. It obviously seems to work for them.

    They may insure a bomb Ferrari with a lower risk enthusiast owner as opposed to someone with a great car or bike who is more likely to have an accident because of the type of customer they are. I think if they get the bulk of these customers right you end up with a good business plan.
  13. The irony is they have got the definition of enthusiast wrong. I ride every day. Surely that makes me very enthusiastic.
  14. correct. slammed the nail on the head there.

    I've put in bold the stupid points.

    How can you control if your bike is stolen? How can you control if someone else crashes into your bike, or the building/garage your bike is in is set on fire? License suspension can even come from an unpaid bill - even if purely by accident or you've changed address. It should say "within the last 6 months" - 5 years is fecking steep.

    Obviously bolded the daily transport one cause they've still not changed their website.

    And I can't believe people who do have really nice (read: expensive) bikes can't use an "enthusiasts" insurance!
  15. Just about underwriting mate, and minimising risk. Nothing stupid about that.
  16. I've not had an issue with Shannons for two of my cars, one of which is on 'laid up' insurance or whatever it is, I usually call it 'busted insurance while a new engine is being built very slowly',
    My parents have 5 registered vehicles insured with them and haven't had a drama either.
  17. I have two cars with them, my 928s4, wifes X5, they are not interested in my bikes and would be nearly double QBE without the BS. OK for cars, forget the bikes
  18. If you take a bus to work everyday does that make you a bus "enthusiast"?
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  20. No thats profiling and thats wrong...