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[Aus] Professor says that young drivers don't need more training - they need more transport options

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. An NZ Professor argues that young drivers don't need more driver training. They need more transport options that reduces how much they drive. If this kind of thinking was applied to motorcycles, the road toll would start to spike. All around the world, the boffins are on a high speed race towards no deaths on the road at all costs.

  2. He's trying to push is green agenda onto a current topic.

    Pretty pathetic actually...
  3. He's a professor from New Zealand. You cant take that seriously by default.
  4. If we all stopped driving all these road safety boffins would be out of a job. So they must not be serious and so can be ignored.
  5. Corrected.
    At heart, this is all about extreme green and political correctness, not a reasoned approach to balancing road safety and free choice. Next they will try curfews and sanctioned journeys.

    Edit: And before I fall out of the saddle, Where the f*** is all the money coming from to keep these bottom-feeders busy?
  6. Yep, I can really see people riding push bikes 40-100km to get to work. Yep good idea.
  7. Why do I get the feeling this professor probably wears a bicycle helmet driving his car!
  8. Im struggling to draw the parallels between reducing motorcycle riders and increased road toll? Maybe i missed something.

    Personally i think a viable transport system would do wonders not only from a congestion perspective but a safety perspective. I myself would happily take public transport to work every day if it were a) reliable and b) cost efficient. Its not to say im against motorcycling, im against the reliance we have on personal automobiles to commute to work. Its not sustainable. We have this awesome bike path ~3m wide the whole way into the CBD which would be brilliant at streaming motorcycles/scooters. Independance from road networks would allow PTW specific safety systems. Partially convert certain road networks into busways and provide incentives for car pooling.
  9. God relax!

    We would all be better off with clean, full integrated and reliable public transport. we would be even better off if people used it.

    There's really not much discussion to be had. It is a good thing. But private transport still needs to exist as there is no way that public transport can service ALL of the peoples needs (just 90% of them).
  10. Your kind of right, but it appears this bloke wants to do away with driver/rider training in favour of public transport/push bikes. Not as well as, instead of.
  11. Definitely sounds that way. Whata cock.
    i wonder how many motorcyclists he's SMIDSY'ed ?
  12. eh? Who said anything about reducing riders?? I'm drawing the bow that if you removed rider training you'd see the rider road toll start to spike.

    That's what I read too. But the important bit to my mind is the blatant statement that training to make road users safer is old hat - and that it'd be better to just reduce how much time they spend on the road under their own control by providing alternatives. It's like the boffins have given up - they don't think you can make safer road users, so take the road user out of the equation.

    It's almost like academic heroin:- The smart people design super interconnected systems that keep the not so smart sheep alive...
  13. Maybe he's almost admitting they've done as much as they can and they've reached 'critical mass' so to speak.
  14. If that's the case, maybe he should start asking the "right" people.
  15. Or maybe they should just shut the f**k up, accept the fact that regardless of what they do now there will be very little effect on the road toll and let us get on with living our lives.
  16. Remove the risk. Gee, how forward thinking & useful for the youth. ](*,)

    From Wikipedia:

    Driving is not a disease or an outbreak, for many people it is a necessity.
  17. What's the bet this twit has never visited a rural/country area? being able to drive/ride is essential out here, and I imagine it would be similar in NZ's rural/country areas.
  18. Funnily, most - if not all - public transport options in AUS are equal, or better, on both a) and b) when equally compared and averaged. Neither is really a valid argument for avoiding public transport.