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Aus Open Riot between The Serbs and Croats

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Now what the f**k is wrong with these losers????

    My family is of Serbian background and were always raised to treat every person with respect no matter race, colour, religion or whatever!

    I guartantee that these "fully sik" idiots probably cant even speak the language let alone know what the orginal conflict between the two countries was even about. I grew up with people who are like this and it makes me embarrassed of my heritage because of the way these f**kheads behave!

    If you're so god damn patriotic, go back there! What the f**k are you doing here?

    Ok im too angry now so im off...

  2. What a pack of retards :shock:

    Noble Park... now this.

    Is it REALLY that boring in Melbourne these days???
    I had a great time when I was there.

    It would be good if the tennis players themselves tell the fans what a huge embarrassment they are to their country.

    Whiny little ****s can't cry 'racism! racism' then.
  3. I think it would be great if the players themselves started brawling on court! :demon:

    Now that would be entertainment! :rofl:
  4. Its common knowledge that Croats & Serbs have had a long seated hatred for
    each other spanning generations now.

    Where you not aware of this Miss_dj? :?
  5. MG,

    This is Australia, not Serbia or Croatia. If they feel that strongly about it then I suggest they catch the next plane to whichever country they want to go to and so strongly defend.
  6. I think she knows that but sees it as being senceless and stupid. Much like the behaviour of those morons at the tennis. :wink: :)
  7. I read about this today. Hope there's no crap tomorrow - I'm taking the girls.

    Allez Seb!!!!! :woot:
  8. Well considering she said she was of SERBIAN background I'm pretty sure she is well aware of the issues but she is civilised to know that what happened in the past remains in the past and that AUSTRALIA is not the place to bring up antiquated ethnic differences.
    Being someone of Greek descent myself I cringe at some of the shit some of my "fully sik" compatriots think and act like considering that back in Greece they don't behave like the pack of retards depicted.
    Many of our young ethnics are stuck in the thinking of their grandparents who came here in the 1950's and consider their version of Europe is still the same when in fact so much has changed back in Europe that they don't act that way.
    Even the situation in serbia and Croatia has changed since the early 1990's people move on and these trouble makers should do so also.
    The whole pack mentality sickens me.
  9. MG, As stated in my post, i am of Serbian background and grew up seeing this behaviour between the two nations for many years.

    My post was basically to vent and to show my disappointment that such stupidity has the potential to ruin such a great event!

    The Serbs blame the Croats, Croats blame the Serbs.

    The hatred is much more deeply seeded than most people know.
    The Serbs and Cro's who emigrated here to escape the war continue to breed the detestation to their children and the cycle continues.
    The vast majority of communites and people in those two countries do not continue the conflict and have moved quite passed it.

    Anyway, to recap MG, my post was just to vent.
  10. Well thats the way they all should be thinking, but as you know, this is
    not the case.

    This hatred has been passed on thru generations & Australian born & raised
    Croats/Serbs in this generation, as a result, continue on with this rivalry.
  11. So what's your point?
    You are telling all of us stuff we already know and have known for generations.
  12. No probs Miss DJ, gotcha.

    & yes, it is a pity, this continues to this day.

    Continuing with this topic, we have staff at work from these countries at
    work & while we dont have fisty-cuffs, they nevertheless refuse to talk &/or
    work together.
  13. Ethnic violence at the tennis, what a disgrace, theres only one place where ethnic tensions belong - at the soccer :LOL:
  14. Can I ask a really dumb question? It's not meant to be rude, it's just something I don't get.

    I'm from England, made the transition to Aussie citizenship (language test and all!) as soon as I legally could. I've retained my British citizenship because there is no requirement for me not too. If someone asks me what my nationality is, I respond Australian. When they query my accent, I tell them I'm from England originally.

    There's an element of me that will always be English, my humour (I laugh at the Pommy Bike mags and Benny Hill), part of my personality, but I am Australian. I have a passport and a certificate to prove it. :)

    So, given this is how I feel (as a new arrival) I get confused when I hear/see people who are 2nd generation describing themselves as Serbian Australian, Greek Australian, Italian Australian...like the Americans describe themselves as African American, Latino American etc...

    Is this something only I feel or is this shared by others? Or am I totally wrong and it's perfectly good/ok/acceptable to think of yourselves as <Insert Ethnicity Here> Australian?

    Maybe as the English are so mixed up, it's something we got out of our systems years ago (my mums English, my dad's Welsh)?
  15. I think you are confusing background with perception of ethnicity.
    People ask me what my Nationality is I say Australian
    If they ask me what my background is I say Greek.
    You are Australian yet your background is English.
    My wife's background is Italian My son's background is Greek/Italian yet his Nationality is Australian just like any person who is a citizen here.
    The only True Australians are the Aboriginals and there is some conjecture there as well.

    Anyone who is a second generation australian and says they are "serb" "croat" if asked their nationality etc should be smacked in the head and then made to listen to a sermon from Hornet.

  16. Smee, my post asked that question. I have worked with 2nd generation imports who describe themselves as Greek Australian. Go to some suburbs and you'll find people who describe themselves as Italian Australian. Croat Australian. And the latest label is Muslim Australian. Just so why is it that someone describes themselves as <Insert Label> Australian and not just Australian?

    My question is directed directly at those people who decided to resurrect their ethnic divisions at the tennis today. And if you think that was a one off, then look at soccer in this country until recently.
  17. Well they don't call them the Mongrels of Europe for nothing. :wink:
  18. you talking about this?

    :LOL: :LOL: :inquisition:
  19. There is nothing wrong with anyone referring to their family b'ground. Like CJ, I hold dual
    citizenship & have dual passports (UK & Aust) and previously had a Green Card as I
    was from L.A before coming to Australia; but unlike CJ, & like all these 1st/2nd generation
    Australians being referred to, I have never once told someone I'm Australian when asked.


    Because thats not where I'm from, nor that of my family. My kids, all of whome were born
    here can & will do likewise. If they want to call themselves whatever then that'll be their
    call in due time.

    I see nothing wrong with these Aussies in OP referring or calling themselves Croats or Serbs
    or any other Aussies in similar/same circumstances. They have every right to say that. Its
    their heritage.
  20. I wasn't denying your right to call yourself anything, just trying to see if there is a reason why. You've explained yourself perfectly.

    FWIW, I don't care where anyone is from, just like I don't care about their religion or skin colour. It's who you are that I am interested in, not where you are from. That's not always the case with people where I am from. Just visit Liverpool, Glasgow, N.Ireland....