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Aus MotoGP is almost upon us!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Thought i would post a couple, ( ok THREE images ) i took last year at the Aus GP that i like alot. Hope i can grab a few keepers this year also, cant wait, the excitement is building :grin:

    This one is my Fav............


    Go! Stoner :cool:


    Now that is LEAN ANGLE

  2. Who's that guy in the first shot again?
  3. Some NOOB, he wont go far............trust me

  4. Yeah, you can tell, his body position is all wrong...
  5. And he is looking at the ground 2 metres in front of him, no technique :LOL:

  6. #27 too upright, #56 guy needs to look THROUGH the corner I say ...
  7. I believe your right, #27 will never ever be a World Champion :LOL: :p

  8. remember this guy?

    The hunter catches up with his prey

    The hunter passes
  9. Yes, i know him .......... #69 is Nicky Hasbeen, i think that's him surname :?

    nice shots smee :cool:

  10. Wrong Ratbag - No 69 is 'Nicky Neverwasbeen'. :wink:

    Smee - those last two shots are genius. They don't compare to your no. 155 though. ;)
  11. Pretty sure his Surname started with a "H" , but i think your correct no the less :grin:

  12. 155 ???????
  13. Bendy Ben Bostrom
  14. Smee! :shock: ;) :LOL: I went through your photo acct ages ago and saw a shot in there of Ben Bostrom at the Island - World supers. Don't tell me you got rid of it?! Not really relevant to this thread, but just thought I'd mention it because it was a bloody good race shot. :)
  15. Ben Bostrom wasn't one of mine, I've never taken shots at the supers, haven't been to them in years, could have been Vic or Dale.
    I intend to go to supers next year, easier to take pics.
  16. :? I'm sure it was yours. Obviously not though. :wink: