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Aus MotoGP {Commute Plans, Feasibility}

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. first time going to the GP, got a sunday ticket.... so, my rough idea plan is, stay at a mates house in melb saturday night, then ride down early sunday morning (ie, arrive ~7am?) then stuff happens...

    how feasible is this? i really have no idea...

    will the bridge be locked down due to traffic? what happens when i arrive at the course? wait to be let in? bike parking? i really have no idea what happens at all.. how do i get to the general ticket area?

    anyone able to give a quick guide so i don't botch it up?

  2. Re: Aus MotoGP

    hey mate i've only been once, but will try help!

    riding down early would be fine, i would think. i went the weekend so just popped in from cowes to the track, expect traffic but you'll get there!

    when you pull into the road that the track is on, there will be a shitload of signs pointing to different parking areas depending where you are heading after. so one lot gets let out bac to melb, the other to cowes.

    all pretty easy to follow and plenty of signs to the track... then you get to walk around a lot :)
  3. Re: Aus MotoGP

    I would arrive at before 10ish at the latest.
    The ride in and ride out is the best thing going around. Bikes everywhere and cops just let you through. *hot tip* don't do anything stupid to draw attention to the bike and you'll be fine (police attention wise).

    When you rock up. there is a motorcycle parking area the same side as the track off the road. parking is like $5 for the day and you have to pay as you roll in.. so have cash ready.. like said before, follow the signs.

    Check the schedule for the day on the motogp.com.au site for what time racing starts? i think 9am.

    Other than that the Gen Admin ticket will let you walk all around the outside of the track, but you wont be able to reach the middle of the track.

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  4. Re: Aus MotoGP

    Thanks for that :applause: ... it's my 1st time to the GP (went to the SBK this year) and loved it! cant wait for Sunday.
  5. Re: Aus MotoGP

    if it's like the last few years there will be a pile of wood "mud puck"s as you enter the parking area, "GRAB ONE" nothing worse than coming back to find your pride and joy laying on its side because the stand sunk into the ground, also remember where you parked it, cause there's a lot of green Kwakas out there.

    watch out for Constable Cuntstable they will be out in force on Sundee, haven't managed to get through Koo Wee Rup yet without getting a licence check.

    Lastly: hope you enjoy ya day, a rider should always remember when they lost their GP virginity
  6. Re: Aus MotoGP

    And make sure you have a full rear guard.
  7. Re: Aus MotoGP

    good point !
  8. are there cloak room/gear storage facilities at the track?
  9. Public toilets, never seen any storage facilities, don't know if official site will have that info. Am leaving essendon round 8am, get there near 10 I think
  10. I THINK there is some storage car parks near the main gate, but not 100% on that.

    There is also definately not enough toilets this year, to many people, no enough loos!
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