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[AUS] MCC needs info on removeable baffles on STD exhaust

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Psycho Biker, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. The MCC of NSW needs information on STOCK motorcycle exhausts with removable
    baffle(s), end plates, plugs or any type of object that may be readily
    removed with the types of tools supplied with a bike.
    From all over Australia
    >>> We really need this info, please ask your groups to assist! <<<

    Why do we need this info? If we can show that there are m/c's on the road
    with stock standard pipes that are fitted with noise suppression devices
    that are not substantially fitted then the EPA will drop the proposed law
    that will make it illegal to have such devices.

    We need images(.JPG), models, year of manufacture etc

    THIS IS IMPORTANT it will greatly assist our fight against the proposed new
    DECC (EPA) laws.

    Please send to this email address: ChrisT@resmed.com.au

    Chris Turner
    chair, Noise Committee
  2. Hey Chris, my sister is a ProjManager at your work ! ;)

    I think my exhaust is a no-no for this exercise ! :LOL:
    Straight through Termignonis :eek:
  3. Stock exhaust? Que?
  4. sorry, I'm just forwarding this email for Chris to all the different groups I subscribe to so as to obtain as much info as possible because this issue will end up effecting All Australian motorcyclists!
  5. There's bikes which come with an insert in the end of the exhaust purely to reduce noise for ADR's (I'm thinking enduro [road registered] dirt bikes). The one's that I have seen are held in with a couple of spot welds (so dodgy that you'd be annoyed at the workmanship IF IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PERMANENT FIXTURE). These inserts are removed by decent dealers before delivery, and they are always removed by bike mags before testing, simply because no bike is really ever delivered in that form.

    It doesnt fit the bill as being removable with only the bike toolkit though.
  6. so rock by side of road != bike toolkit?
  7. All the road reg versions of XR and TTR series of bikes had a removeable bafle