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Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Rolkus, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Here are some photo's I took for Nigel. We found a skate park just near Rod Laver, and I forced AUS-ESP to push his bike up a skateboard ramp. It just made the clearance.

    These photo's are alright, I didn't do a process I should have, and I used the flash for these.




    My personal favorite is the third.
  2. Hey Rolkus,

    Nice pics mate!

  3. Thanks Dave!

    I just point and click, Nigel has a nice bike!
  4. That rim tape looks amazing.
  5. filters on the lights look the part, does the bike have HID's? wondering a pic with lights on with the filters, would they 'star' being that close? nice pics !!
  6. Pictures were taken on a Canon 7D with an 18-85mm Lens f3.5 shutter speed at about 40 seconds. No filters used, just the lens.

    Other shots will be taken with a Tamron lens I own, or my 50mm Canon. This lens has it's strengths in well lit areas.
  7. looks great
  8. I'm sorry Rolkus, but as someone who knows a fair bit about photography I can't say I like these shots. I'll give you my pointers (whether you agree or not is another matter).

    Firstly, I like how you have done night time shots with the CBD as a background, using long shutter speeds to create car light trails and the lights in the city etc. However, where you have taken these has no where near enough ambient light, which has lead you to using the flash, which in these photos simply doesn't work for me.

    Also, work on your composition. In all the photographs the bike is too close, too much in the centre, and some parts of the bike are cut off in every photo. I do like the colours in the photos, the greys and not too much contrast (not sure if this is how it is, or if you have achieved it in processing).

    I take it from your original comments you're not overly happy with them, so why don't you share with me your feelings and why you're not happy.
  9. I'm not happy cause I didn't do them properly. People seemed to like what I've showed them so decided to show a few more.

    I think I'm shooting next week, one or two, using a light painting method, so we'll see how we go.
  10. Thanks...would look even better if it was straight...lol

    Nope no HID's just stock lights on it
  11. can picture a starburst from a headlight and a morfed 'grin' on the fairings..
  12. Yeah it was a close shave on getting the bike up the skate ramp...damn that thing was steep

    I actually think I like the 2nd one the best after looking at what you took..

    here is what I did with 2nd pic


  13. Dont be so hard on yourself...you said this is not your area and that you want to get into so im sure as you take more pics you skills will improve and then you can charge a small fortune :)
  14. Just had a quick look and found your post on photoforum. Seems a few people mentioned the same things I did re cropping, lighting etc.

    See how your light painting goes, there is a shot of a ducati on that other forum not too far from your post which should give you some inspiration. There are also plenty of people there to assist you, so ask plenty of questions.
  15. You're following me Spruce! ;)
  16. Haha, not quite! I was having a quick look around the forum to see if I could find a photo similar to your time of day, vehicle, location etc that might have been able to give you an example of the rubbish I was dribbling, but when I found that you're on the forum too, I figured you would find your own examples anyway. :)
  17. Don't get me wrong, I like the photo's -- I just think I could do better. That's all. And as AUS-ESP says, that's why I'm doing it.
  18. Looking forward to seeing what you've got in mind for mine - black, chrome and LEDs: should be interesting. :)
  19. my only advice would be to take a few steps back from the bike and try to better expose the bikes engine area which at the moment is just a big black space, try to bring out the detail in it.
  20. Love the second pic in particular, looks somewhat... cartoon-ish? Cell shaded? idk its cool =]