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[Aus] Deakin University releases car driver's alternative to the motorcycle - Future car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. As I've said elsewhere, boffins are proposing vehicles like this in preference to bikes, as the future of congestion management. They're even talking about these vehicles filtering and/or lane sharing (two per freeway lane).

    This is what they look like:
    Futurecar tomorrowscar1.

  2. Re: [Aus] Deakin University releases car drivers alternative to the motorcycle - Future car

    Isn't going to catch on unless it's got a BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Porsche badge on it so the living-beyond-their-means masturbatory purchasing crew can have their urge to impress everyone else satisfied.
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  3. Re: [Aus] Deakin University releases car drivers alternative to the motorcycle - Future car

    Ala http://monotracer.peraves.ch/ ? :)

    (Okay, admittedly it doesn't have a BMW/Merc/Audi/Porsche badge, but it's got the pricetag! ;)
  4. Re: [Aus] Deakin University releases car drivers alternative to the motorcycle - Future car

    Now I'm not into pushing motorcycles over...


    ...but if i see one of those things on the road it's going over.
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  5. hasn't this been done?
  6. Looks like a can-am spyder with a roof. Why bother?
  7. The other pics:


    Just noticed the passenger seat in the rear... in the "love" position...

    Obviously, these are concept pics at this stage...

    Edit: Looks like a can-am spyder with a roof. Why bother?

    Much skinnier than a can am spider.
  8. Plus it has impact protection.

  9. Does it wheelie??
  10. Impact protection?

    If it was a choice between being hit by a bus on a motorcycle or being hit by a bus on one of those things I'd chose the bike. At least that way I might be able to fly off and skid down the road protected by leathers rather than be squished in that tiny cage.

    EDIT: As a side note; i would love to see the crash test video's of that thing. I imagine two of them t-boning each other into a nice mess ;)
  11. so, they'll let this (which is clearly wider than a bike) filter, but not bikes.... awesome.

    btw, how does driving something with pedals, a steering wheel, and cabin satisfy anyone who want's to ride a bike? To quote a very awesome aussie, "Tell'em they're dreaming"...
  12. looks more like one of those piaggio 3 wheel scooters..

  13. Reminds me of Mr Been.

    What about this one:
  14. certainly very kickable, with little risk of upsetting your own ride.
    my bike probably weighs more than one. i could kick it into oncomming traffic.
  15. Clearly that's shrouded in an inflatable safety pod so you don't get squashed, you just bounce off into outer space.

    Do want!!!
  16. Good luck to people going over the Westgate bridge during a heavy crosswind in one of those death traps.
  17. Looks like a peugeot, ugly to start with, which has then been crashed into on both sides
  18. I'm applying to do industrial training with that group.
  19. Gay.

    No way in puck would I be caught dead driving one of those things. Actually I probably would die if I drove one of those things and crashed.

    Completely pointless, dangerous, and MAJORLY faggy.
    It's easier to get a motorcycle license (let's hope it stays that way), better, funner, infinitely more sex appeal than that thing.
    If this takes off, I'm pushing over every one I see.

    The only thing that's sort of cool is the evil laughing face it's got.

    Now that is kinda cool.
  20. How do you get in and out of it when it's sharing the parking space with another? I'm a skinny little guy and there's no way I could get in or out of that POS.