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[aus] Child motorbike crashes on the rise

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23977061-661,00.html
    THE number of children seriously injured in motorbike crashes is accelerating steadily in Victoria, according to a new report.
    Kids as young as three were among the estimated 3,500 children injured statewide, with the number rising by 10 per cent a year.
    One in four children were not wearing a helmet and the vast majority of accidents occurred off-road, where the practice could not be controlled by legislation, said Dr Catherine Bevan, a paediatric emergency physician at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.
    "There is an urgent need for coordinated legislative changes and educational efforts to decrease these injuries and turn the statistics around," Dr Bevan said in the Medical Journal of Australia.
    The study analyses motorbike injuries of children under the age of 16 who were admitted to the hospital between 2000 and 2004.
    About a quarter of the victims were under the age of 10.
    More than half had fallen off their bike, 23 per cent had hit a stationary object and only 13 per cent had collided with another vehicle.
    "It is very doubtful if children under 10 years, and certainly those under six years, have the developmental and cognitive ability to control the power and torque of motorcycles, nor the required capacity for hazard perception," Dr Bevan said.
    About 40 per cent of the children required surgery and 13 per cent had to be admitted to intensive care. Two died.
    But Dr Bevan said the most concerning trend was that the number of victims steadily increased by 10 per cent every year.
    And because most occurred off-road it was a difficult trend to manage, she said.
    "In Australia, it is not legal for children to ride motorcycles on public roads other than as pillion passengers," Dr Bevan said.
    "However, there is currently no legislation (to cover) private property or off-road."
    She said she hoped the research would increase public awareness about the dangers of youngsters riding motorbikes, inform injury prevention programs and get the government to take some action. 

  2. NSW has just introduced a raft of new road rules, one of which is to combat precisely this scenario.
  3. Clearly we need to legislate against children.
  4. yep.
    compulsory sterility is the fix.
  5. I find it simultaneously saddening and astonishing. :cry: :shock:
  6. LOL, I bet they're thinking about controlling what you do with your own vehicles on your own property now :evil:

    I wonder how many kids go to hospital with pushbike injuries? :) I've been hurt far worse on my pushbike compared to when I've lowsided on my bike!
  7. More disposable income to buy the kids a bike (but not a helmet and neck roll ?????), plus extremely low pit bike cost.

    What more do they want to know?

    I bet we'll be paying another billion dollars for ouside consultants and people with no grip on todays lifestyle.
  8. SO she'll let them all have ponies instead - the number of injuries is proportionally higher (and serious spinal ones more so). No one campaigns against kids having horses though. :evil:
  9. Just need to legilate against piss poor parents who do not supervise their children nor ensure they have proper safety equipment and training.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Hmm, lets see the number rises by 10% per year, probably not that for from the population rise yet there are probably a LOT more motorcycle sales, which could mean there is actually a decrease? I love statistics!

    A child not wearing a helmet on any motorcycle, anywhere is simply stupid, but then you can't really legislate against stupidity can you? Why do we need to 'control' kids having fun off road? Perhaps we should just 'control' some moron parents from breeding?

    Education, yes, no problems but legislation? WTF for?

    Shit, bloody lucky that Dr Bevan didn't tell Chad Reed, Casey Stoner and Chris Vermeulen (and countless others!) that! Obviously she is NOT a motorcycle fan? I wonder if she wants to ban trampolines too? How do they control all that bounce with such limited ability?

    See my earlier comment about statistics, how many 'kids' motorcycles were sold compared to previous years?

    Thank goodness there isn't! Imagine being told what activities we are now allowed to let our kids 'participate' in! And duuhhhh of course kids can't ride motorcycles on roads, they are too young to have a licence.

    I have no problem with informing and educating and maybe the government can 'ban' unsafe products beings sold (I have seen some 'cheap' ones that fell apart whilst being ridden!) but to keep banning all these things that 'might' hurt us? Next we will ban trampolines, horses, bicycles, ALL kids playgrounds (do people realise how many kids get injured when they fall off these?), skateboards, those horrid little scooter things and pretty much anything else kids can fall off.

    Better ban Scouts too, they get up to some dangerous shit! Hey while we are at it lets ban kids from playing sport as well, they can't possibly have the cognitives skills for that either and they might get hurt, football (all codes), cricket, heck netball too (all those ankle injuries!). Perhaps we should just wrap our kids in cotton wool and never let them out of the house!

    Whilst we continue to ban anything 'fun' for children lets also soften the laws on drugs at the same time, after all they don't harm our children like motorbikes do! WTF sort of society are we becoming? Namby pamby f#$king idiots!
  11. I'll bet another factor is unreasonable punishments for traffic offenses, forcing more riders off the road for 3 and 6 month intervals - onto the dirt.

    Some take their kids with them.

    Good on 'em, too. I've never seen anyone's son as happy as the kids I see motoring along with dad and his mates in the national park.
  12. Code:
    "It is very doubtful if children under 10 years, and certainly those under six years, have the developmental and cognitive ability to control the power and torque of motorcycles, nor the required capacity for hazard perception," Dr Bevan said.
    She's clearly never seen a kid play a video game. Most 8 year old having ridden a traily for a few hours could kick my arse. Though that's not saying much.
  13. She has never seen kids race competitively. Some 10 year olds I saw at the weekend would do me like a dinner!
    Ignore her she has no idea.
  14. I've just moved down the coast with a cycleway-walking path out the back ,that also runs threw a reserve {out of the sight of cops}.
    And every day up to 50 minibikes ,quads ,pitbikes {race style} the cheap chinese ones ..zoom up and down the path ...Which I don't mined there all out of the house and having fun :grin: .. BUT only 1 in 10 have a helmet on .
    These kids are aged 6-15 and couldn't buy the bikes them selves or petrol and the parents must know their out on the bikes and their doing 20-50kph+ in shorts T shirts and thongs.
    Some times there is 3 kids on one bike .. :shock:

    Here is your increase in crashs ,cheap bikes ,parents with no idea :roll: .
  15. I would say that kids would be able to control the motorbike well, but the hazard perception could be lacking.
  16. +1

    Kids run in front of cars because they don't understand the danger. They don't realise, as we who are older should, the possible consequences of their actions.

    How many kids are injured doing a big jump on a pushbike or a Superman stunt off a roof.

    Yes, kids can out do anyone on a video game but if they crash it doesn't hurt as it does in real life and there is nothing worse than watching a child in pain.
  17. Exactly!!!!!! I get really angry with these people that want to 'ban' everything at times but don't look at the obvious!

    This issue is close to my heart, as our whole family rides, my daughter has been riding since she was 6 and is now 12 (nearly 13) and has gone from a PW50 to a PW80 to an RT100 and nearly outgrown that now too. She always wears proper gear, in fact we have just recently gotten a new AGV helmet and Alpine Star boots (wish she would stop growing sometimes!). She has always been instructed on safe riding and she knows that if she comes off she may be hurt, which is exactly why she can never ride without gear. She has only ever come off a couple of times, with no injuries thanks to quality boots and pants. I always either ride with her or watch and we have our own small track in our paddock.

    If you want to ban something then ban the 'crap' motorbikes and f@#kwits having children, not only will it reduce the number of child motorbike crashes and injuries, it might even reduce our taxes with less baby bonuses to pay to these morons! I would think that many members here encourage their children to ride and also insist that their kids wear proper gear and ride responsibly, after all they can still have lots of fun, (see below!) I even have trouble keeping up with her now! Yes there are dangers in riding and children do NOT have as good hazard perception as adults but how the hell do they learn it? By practice and responsible parents IMHO!
  18. that depends on what the child just said to you.
  19. +1,000,000 on everything dave said.

    Also, I think kids have great hazard perception. They just have no fear, as they haven't learnt about the consequences of a mistake through first hand experience yet.

    Offroad riding is a great way to learn about consequences, and understand risk.

  20. :rofl:

    Oh how I can sooooooo relate to that...... Mines 19....