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[Aus] Are your gas and electricity suppliers giving you the best rate?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Ok, I'm not one for being a spammer or supporting spam - so this is NOT intended to be spam.

    This is a genuine word of mouth sharing of my experience with a service called Energy watch. www.energywatch.com.au

    You call them or leave some info and they call you back. Based on your bill data, a few questions and your post code, they will review all the gas and electricity supplier options in your area and suggest someone. In my case, their suggestion worked out to be a 20% on electricity and a 14% saving on gas compared to my current suppliers.

    No shit!

    Anyway, I told the energywatch dude to hold his horses as I didn't want to sign up then and there. I wanted to check my own supplier's best deal myself. I figured that if an existing customer was going to jump ship, they'd want to wine and dine me. The energywatch guy was a bit disappointed as they work on a commission basis but I told him that he could call me back the next day and if his recommendation held up after I had a chance to make my calls, he would have the sale. I'd given him a grilling, he had earned his commission.

    I made my calls and checked a few other mobs and the energywatch recommendation came up trumps. Interestingly, my suppliers had no intention of wining and dining me which was surprising.

    Anyway, the guy called me back at the appointed time and he got the sale. I could have signed up directly with the recommended supplier - they offered me the same rate, but seriously the guy had earned his commission so it was only fair he get it.

    You don't have to use a service like this. Nothing is stopping you from making the calls to the mobs that service your area yourself. I'm just letting you know that the work is already done.

    For folks in Nicola Roxon's electorate, the odds are that Energy Australia will be the least expensive gas and electricity supplier for you. The 2yr contract is the down side.
  2. I have seen these guys advertise on TV. I have been tempted to call them but Im suffering from chronic laziness at the moment. 20% and 14% is a pretty good saving. I might have to finally give them a try.
  3. yep we had the same deal as well, called them and they gave us some options for better deals.

    Our current company couldn't care less it seems.
  4. thanks rob. good info. just forwarded the link to ken. xx
  5. That’s really great to hear, feels good. Electricity has become way too expensive and common man is finding it very difficult to afford the rates. That’s good information you have given, 20% and 14% of savings will really makes a lot of difference in the bill. Great post! It has very useful information, thanks for sharing.
  6. Hmm, will try and remember this one. Will be moving house in about 3 - 4 months up to Gladstone in QLD :p. Might actually call once i know where im going before i turn on the utilities. As for where i am, may as well suffer another few months.
  7. so this is another variant of those indian blokes knocking at your door at 7pm trying to put the hard sell to review your last bill in the interest of getting YOU a better deal?
  8. The indian bloke rolls up with only one company's offer. This variation has all the applicable rates for all the companies that service your area and you can be signed up to any one of them based on your requirements, e.g. the one with the highest green component... the other thing is that it doesn't cost you anything to use the energywatch service.
  9. Energy watch are paid a commision by the power company they sign you up to.

  10. good on you Rob - this is an example of morals and principals that Australia was once famous for
  11. Of course they do. It's just like a mortgage broker.

    Thanks Moto.
  12. Electricity rates are increasing by each passing day, which is creating lot of problems, as many people out there are finding it very hard to afford the new rates. It is very important that we choose a good and well known electricity supplier, by which a lot of money can be saved.
  13. That's because of all the windfarms they keep building (the power from which costs at least double that from conventional sources).
  14. Energy deregulation has really helped the society in a great way; it has brought about several alternatives for consumers. They now have the freedom to select the energy supplier they want, which is why more consumers transfer from one supplier to another.
  15. sounds like a good deal, FOR YOU, Rob, but I'm hearing too many horror stories about people who sign up with a new provider and have a very short honeymoon period before a serious price hike, usually blamed on an 'unforseen' Government tax, or rate rise. I heard of one lady who copped a huge rise on her very first bill on this basis :shock:. And she's locked in for two years.

    I get my gas from one provider, who also does electricity, and my electricity from an electricity-only provider and I've had three phone calls from three different people on my private mobile, from the gas/electricity mob, trying to get me change to them. I've said no for the above reasons......

    I've turned my electric water heater down to 60 degrees, and I'm going to see how much difference that makes to my next bill; (I cook with gas).
  16. Good post Rob, but wouldn't sign on with any of these rip offs.
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    It's not just a deal for me Hornet.

    All Vic power suppliers have a government sanctioned power rate rise this month. It wouldn't matter who I was with, the rate rise I just received would have been delivered. Still its 10% lower than the best rate my previous supplier was willing to charge under their 24m contract rates.

    - - -
  18. I know what you mean, rob, all I was highlighting is that these sorts of arrangements have had some less than happy outcomes for some people too :).