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August Photo Competion- Voting.

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. :)

  2. I vote for that Cameron Donald shot, from gc33, but I would, wouldn't I.
  3. my vote is for NoShowAllGo's photo
  4. I'm lazy so a link to the thread would be handy :wink:
  5. GC33's shot of the four riders is fantastic, but gonna vote for ShadowWarrior's :cool:
  6. I was torn between 4 legs and 4 wheels.
    As much as I love lunatic_luke's adorable little baby, I have a special soft spot for 4 wheelers (was the first bike I ever rode!)- my vote goes to NoShowAllGo. Stunning pic :)
  7. theres 3 brilliant photos there

    nowshowallgo's quads
    gc33's 4 riders
    and shadowariors indian slide

    hmm hmm hmm tough decision

    i think i have to give it to shadowarrior...only because i think it will be a little different to the rest of the other photos going around
  8. My choices:

    gc33's 4 riders on a corner
    TotalPanic's artful static bike shot
  9. +1 for gc33
  10. 1) shadowarrior's Track day
    2) gc33's 4 riders on a corner