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August Photo Competion- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. :)

  2. guess where?
  3. You could have parked it a bit closer to the edge lol

    nice pic
  4. I was thinking the same.
    Was it a pain to get that close and move it again?
  5. From up the Old Pac this afternoon....

  6. not really. i went there with the sole purpose of taking pics that day. i took some next to a canon too, but as we're only allowed 1 pic per month i can't show any of the others i took.
    i was trying to get the effect of the bike on water illusion, so it had to be right up to the edge......and besides, my bike is well behaved and trained for such occasions! lol. :wink:
  7. Thats what I was thinking :LOL:

    Cheers Bruce
  8. R1s make good mooring anchors I hear. :grin:
  9. Before it was stolen :(

  10. What sort of Post processing went into that?
    It sort of looks fake even though it isn't.
  11. Ok here is my first ever entry :grin:

    Easy like Sunday morning
  12. very little actually! (got lucky!). have added vignette & adjusted the highlight clipping. didn't even have to crop it!

    others from the same time are on http://www.scottbsgallery.com
  13. Somewhere just south of Shepparton on today's ride, playing with my delay-function again (sorry for the ego-ness, but it's so much fun!). Days like today - Monday! - remind me of why I intend never to work full-time!(-too much riding and living to do!) Old bikes and cold '70s gauntlets will do me fine! :)

  14. My Black Knight....

    "A moment to reflect..."
    Taken at Sugarloaf Reservoir, Aug 2009

  15. Love the pic, the dog just makes it so much nicer :grin: oh that must be the greenest grass in melb possibly :LOL:
  16. Run out of petrol again?
  17. That grass looked like it enjoyed a bit of post-processing to fill up some space.. specifically copy & paste! :p
  18. :grin: I was waiting for it!
  19. now which bastards would steal your dog, low act, THE BASTARDS :grin: