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[Aug 29, 2015] Spanner Day (Elwood VIC)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Aug 2, 2015.

Spanner Day
Start Date: Aug 29, 2015 13:00
End Date: Aug 29, 2015 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

54 Marine Parade
Elwood VIC 3184

Posted By: cjvfr

Confirmed Attendees: 21
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  1. It has been a while since we have had a spanner day. Bruce and Kitt of MMMTS have kindly offered their home again for one of these events. For those that haven't been to a spanner day before it is an opportunity to do some simple maintenance on your bike, get assistance from other riders, have a yack, and a lunch BBQ.
    There will be a feeder meet at Saturday morning practice (12 pm) and then a group ride from St Kilda over to MMMTS. This will be the last weekend before Spring so a good time to go over your bike and check the basics.
    • If you need new tyres for Spring, talk to Bruce or Kitt beforehand so they can be fitted on the day.
    • If you have something a bit more complex you want to do on your bike then post up here for discussion. We have limited time so make sure it is possible first.
    • There will be a BBQ lunch, a gold coin donation on the day please to help pay for this. Please use the RSVP system above so we have an idea of numbers for catering.
    • It should go without saying we are guests at Bruce and Kitt's so respect for their place is expected.

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  2. I thought maybe spanner crab bbq on first read ;)
    What a fabulous idea...I am soooo peeved and more than a tad jealous...I really would love to do something like this!
  3. yep we are a tight bunch down here
    good people Kitt and bruce
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  4. would it be possible to turn my vstrom into a brand new ktm ?
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  5. Except for Uncle Greg. He is a little on the loose side.
  6. so is Benny after that triple chilly pie for lunch
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  7. Or channeling Johnny Cash and ring of fire... :p
  8. Yep But so hot I am not going to go there
  9. Bugger, can't make it that weekend.
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  10. Damn Stever42 ...

    Hope you can be at the next one :)
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  11. Will be there ..in leathers hopefully this time :p

    oh and cake of course ;-)
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  12. Are you going to jump out of a cake ? :p wow you Vic persons are fun!
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  13. And get icing on her leathers?

    Now, how to address that problem?
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  14. KittKitt cjvfrcjvfr
    I always enjoy the day, tinkering, and helping. Can't get out of my other event though, Scout survival camp.
    We take 30 scouts and lock them outdoors for the weekend without any gear ( tent sleeping bag etc.) Always a good weekend.
    Some years I even get to sleep.

    Hate to miss out on a baked offering from BeeBee
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  15. I'm hoping to get to this one after missing the last one
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  16. We seem to have some interest then. Does anybody have something they want to tackle, otherwise we could do the normal
    • Cleaning Chains
    • Tyre Pressure is your friend.
    • Adjusting controls for your riding position.
    • Changing Oil if anybody needs to do that.
      • Bring your own Oil.
      • Bring your own Oil Filter.
    It would be nice to do the very basic of suspension setup if anybody wants to tackle it which is adjusting Rear Suspension Static Sag.
    I can talk about the two most common motorcycle electrical issues.
    1. Click Click it won't start.
    2. The lights are dim and the bike won't run. All my electricity has run away.
    Again if you need new tyres then talk to MMMTS prior to the event so you can have them fitted on the day.
  17. Valve Clearance Checks on my CB400 VTEC :rolleyes:
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  18. #18 GreyBM, Aug 6, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2015
    And if they are out? To get the bike home we need to put it back together

    Jobs need to be able to be completed in a day and you need to have any parts you might need.

    If no one has jobs to do we won't have anything to show people so here is your chance to learn what to do,

    Anyone without shaft drive or a rubber band needs to be able to clean and lube their chain and maintain chain slack
  19. Chain Adjustment, Rear Wheel Alignment?

    Maybe a bit on Multimeters so peeps don't arc themselves onto the battery terminals.

    And GreyBMGreyBM , I was kidding about Valve Clearances.
  20. Looks like I should be free and this sounds like something I need! Thanks for organising it!
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