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[Aug 29, 2014] Sydney to Port Macquarie and Oxley Hwy Loop Weekend - L & P Friendly 2... (NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TWEET, Jul 23, 2014.

Sydney to Port Macquarie and Oxley Hwy Loop Weekend - L & P Friendly 2...
Start Date: Aug 29, 2014 07:00
End Date: Aug 31, 2014 07:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Port Macquarie


Posted By: TWEET

Confirmed Attendees: 2
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    EDIT: Only 2 places left!

    When: Friday 29th August - Sunday 31st August.

    L & P riders welcome as long as you can ride at your restricted speed limit, turn a corner without walking and can cover 400-500km in a day. No complete noobs, that's another ride.

    Meeting point : TBA depending upon those going. myself and 1 other coming from the East, so a meeting point close to the city for city dwellers, and a meeting point out near Windsor for those coming from the West or North.

    Accommodation: I have arranged accommodation in the centre of Port Macquarie, it is a Penthouse, 3 bedrooms sleeping a total of of 6. There is secure parking for bikes, an internal laundry in case we get wet and we will have a private rooftop BBQ area, spa etc etc.

    The journey:-
    Day 1
    Friday we will meet in the morning, and head out to Windsor.
    From Windsor;
    Putty rd to Mt Thorley then New England Hwy to Maitland
    From Maitland we head towards Paterson, Dungog and onto the Bucketts Way into Gloucester. Lunch in Gloucester.

    From Gloucester we take the Bucketts Way towards Krambach and Taree, joining the Pacific Hwy for the run into Port Macquarie.

    Day 2
    Port Mac to Wauchope on the Oxley hwy all the way to Walcha, rest and fuel in Walcha.
    Thunderbolts Way to Armidale, and then towards the coast heading for Waterfall Way. Arriving at Dorrigo, we will see my old mate Juan for lunch at his excellent cafe, do a few laps of Waterfall Way and then head for Bellingen. From Bellingen, the Pacific Hwy back to Port Mac.

    Day 3
    Like day 2, we will again Cross the range on the Oxley Hwy to Walcha, where we will get fuel, take a break, then head South on Thunderbolts Way to Gloucester. lunch in Gloucester, before making our way back towards Sydney on Bucketts Way.
    Those from the West of Sydney can turn off back towards the Putty rd, and head for Windsor, those from the South or East can follow Bucketts Way all the way back to Karuah to join the Pacific Highway and down the F3.

    Day 1 and 3 can be altered to suit, day 2 is pretty much set in stone.

    No idiots, no unreliable crap bikes, make sure you have your own puncture kit.

    If you need help with anything just ask!
  2. This sounds amazing! I would love to do this but I feel like it might be a big ask of my current skills and my little 250, also I am freezing after a measly 150-200km in this winter weather and I doubt it will be much friendlier in August... Maybe some heated grips/proper gloves or a teaspoon of concrete would help?
    Next year when I get my full licence and big girls bike though...
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    Myself and a couple of others took 17 L/P riders on the same ride a couple of years back, I think it was posted here if the history goes back that far.

    Get some warmer gear, buy a BMW and you can have heated grips and seats :) or, a can of Harden

    August is not too bad up there as long as it stays dry. If you need to walk around bends, and are scared to do your P speed limit, then it is best to get that little more experience and bigger bike.

    Here's the thread...

  4. Seriously thinking about it now, so there were lots of 250's on the last one! :) I don't have any problem doing the speed limit and while I'm not doubling the corner speeds on old pac or getting a knee down any time soon, I don't have to walk it round. I was thinking it would be a tad hard to cover the distance at the speed limit actually
  5. I won't tell you to speed, but limits can sometimes be 'indicative' ;)

    Without making representations on behalf of my esteemed friends on that ride, I will say you should have been there to see some of the 250's go.. I reckon a few needles got bent that weekend. PM me if you want to discuss further.

    Edit: There will be no pressure on anyone to exceed posted speed limits, and if required, we will wait for you to catch up, if not follow you through.
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    Lucky we live in NSW eh? Don't think the cameras even bother for 15 and under - or I've been lucky on a few occasions.

    edit.. Honestly I feel like it's more dangerous to sit on 90 in a 110 zone, or to try and keep it under 60 when all the cages are doing 80 anyway...
  7. Cameras will sting you <15km/h over, lady luck perhaps...

    No worse feeling than going slower than everyone else, feeling you could get slammed into from behind by faster moving traffic.
  8. Your ride is similar to the one I've organised for November. Give me Waterfall Way over the Ox any day.

    Leave McGraths Hill Maccas at 7.30am for overnight at Bellingen. http://goo.gl/maps/2kspv
    Saturday a loop towards Grafton & on to Walcha via the very picturesque Nana Glen. http://goo.gl/maps/lSMiG
    Home Sunday via Gloucester & Wollombi. http://goo.gl/maps/wLUEI
  9. Snapey, Is your ride in the calander of events? That is a ride I'd like to join in on.
  10. I'd be super keen to do this ride, only problem would be getting the day off work.
    Ill be watching this thread like a hawk and let you if I can do it.
  11. It's with another group & won't be posted on Netrider.
  12. Put me down as a starter for this one.
    I just came back from a week’s touring of GC hinterland and Coffs Harbour, but had to give the Oxley hwy a miss due to heavy rain [​IMG]. For any L&P considering this ride I did this loop twice on my Ps and I found it very doable on my GS500. For my recent trip I bought a DriRider Apex 2 jacket $130 which kept warm in sub 5c temperatures and kept me dry when riding in fog, drizzle and light rain for two days.
  13. Come up Friday afternoon....It's 4 hours from Sydney if you take the F3 straight to Port Mac, I'll save a steak for you ;)

    I'll send you a PM with some info in the morning.
  14. Problem is I would be leaving from Bowral (work) so you can add another 1 - 1.5 hours to that, which also means peak hour traffic in the North West suburbs and the F3 and Pacific for 4 hours...............sliding knitting needles down your japseye would probably be more enjoyable!!!

    It will have to be all in or nothing, I just need to organise things at work to be able to take the day off. Hopefully I'll let you know in the next week or two.
  15. Only 2 places left...
  16. Im in! Been a while since I hit the Oxley!
  17. For any LAMS Bike riders who may be concerned it's a bit out of their league, the last time I did it was on GPX 250 and along with the other 10 or so p platers it was fine with plenty fuel stops as well..... the only issue was SEIZURE FOX who blew up his GS500.... wringing it's neck down' thunderbolts!
  18. Hi Tweet,

    I ride a 2011 Honda CB400 Super Four and have the gear for all weather riding (Revitt Cayenne Pro). I have just returned to riding after an absence of 30 odd years and have been on my Ps for just over a month.

    My bike is pretty good but mechanically I am pretty hopeless, though I have included my bike on my NRMA membership:) Do you think this ride would be suitable for someone of my experience? If so can you send me summary costs of accommodation etc, the amount of deposit you require and your Paypal account details as you can count me in.


  19. Tweets,

    On second thoughts count me in, please send me your Paypal details.

  20. You'll be fine Steve.
    This is the last place remaining. Once I get your deposit, it's full.

    Ill pm the details.