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[Aug 16, 2013] Where are you from? Event Logistics...

Discussion in 'Other States' started by trojanhorse, Aug 16, 2013.

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ADELAIDE RIDERS: Where are you from? Event Logistics...
Start Date: Aug 16, 2013 17:00
End Date: Aug 16, 2013 19:00
Time Zone: Australia/Adelaide +09:30 ACST

Adelaide, SA

Posted By: trojanhorse

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  1. #1 trojanhorse, Aug 16, 2013
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    Hi all,

    I'm a new member here in Adelaide and I joined hoping to find some people to ride with, however I notice there is pretty much no events/rides scheduled.

    So in aid of that, I was wondering where people were located (suburb) for meet point/logistical purposes to get some events happening.

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this not being a premium member or whatever so if I've overstepped the line, someone please feel free to tell me. Similarly, if this is in the wrong section or whatever, please move it.

    I am located in Flagstaff Hill, so south. I also work full time during the week so weekends are really the only time I am able to ride unless there are evening rides. Consequently, any rides I organised would prob be on a weekend, but if there is someone else that wants to organise mid-week rides, that would also be cool, obv I won't be able to attend.

    Would be great to start getting some regular stuff happening in SA!

    So: where are you from and when can you ride?
  2. I'm in Prospect but vote for a meet somewhere out towards a nice road heading into the Adelaide Hills.. like near the bottom of Montacute road.
  3. I'm up at Peterborough which is about 260 km+/- north of the city so getting down to the city anything more than 3 or 4 times a year is unusual. We ride through, Pichi Richi, Horrocks Pass and Germein Gorge a few times a year at a leisurely pace.

    we are In a national club (www.ozstoc.com) and tend to advertise a Ride to Eat (RTE) with about 3 or 4 weeks notice. We are trying to get a state yearly ride calendar up.

    We have one over this weekend (17th) to Birdwood but the weather may see a cancellation as the gorge road is closed for a our Adelaide members.

    Generally we ride our own ride to the RTE destination and back home again, however some riders may choose to ride as group if they live near enough to each other. Most of our members are state wide which make group rides a non event in most cases.

    Sometimes we have optional overnighters like we did for the Naracoorte caves and Silverton.

    Our next RTE is in November at Overland Corner hotel and a couple of members from Mildura will turn up for that ones as well.

    Any rides you organise I can let our local members know on our state ride page in case anyone wishes to attend.
  4. Have to count me out for a month or so I'm having a scalpel in the back next week , the bike will be in mothballs for 3-4 weeks if all goes well.
    I live on Montacute Rd so that's easy for me although I often meet other riders at Aldgate and head out from there.
  5. Yeah my next 3 weekends are full on so I won't have time for a little bit either.
  6. I'm a few hours east of Adelaide
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  7. What's a few hours between friends ;)
  8. I am towards mt barker. Can do a meet up anywhere in the hills. Particular favourite would be cuddly creek or even Macclesfield. Even meet a mate in starthalbyn regularly for a ride when our rosters align.
  9. I've just bought a bike and waiting for it to arrive - should be by end of month. I'd be keen for a weekend ride in the hills. I'm in the hills already, but would be happy for an extra ride and meet up in town.
  10. Like your avatar Midlife Crisis, I remember that one from last year, the ABS dog
  11. Salisbury Heights - next to Greenwith/Golden Grove . I work weekends but that is changing soon ,
  12. Exactly ! What's a few hours riding between friends !
  13. I've recently moved to SA from Vic. I live in Seaford. Weekend rides are better for me, with a bit of notice. Weeknites would be cool too!
  14. Have you been getting out and exploring the hills , Mick ?
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